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TTF Vasan Youtube Channel Blocked

TTF Vasan Youtube Channel Blocked
TTF Vasan Youtube Channel Blocked

A new issue that hit TDF Vasan’s YouTube channel is currently causing a stir among TDF Kannis. TTF Wasan, who went to jail a few months ago, was released on bail recently. He came out on bail and met the press. A journalist was questioning whether he was going to focus on the film now that he could no longer ride a bike. I will act in the film Ottavan by TDF Vasan Paik who replied to this. He said that you can never give up on fashion.

To this the journalist asked how can you ride a bike if your driving license has been revoked. The ttf who replied to this was saying that he can take Vasan International license, appeal can be done, he said that he is more upset that the license has gone than mine. The TTF Wasan Gunnies were happy as TTF Wasan said that he would ride a bike again.

The Tamil Nadu Transport Department said that a person whose license has been revoked for causing an accident can only drive if he has a domestic license and cannot drive a bike in any part of India by showing that he has an international license.

Speaking on it, he said, ‘They misunderstood what I said to the journalists that I will ride a bike with an international license from now on. I said that I will buy an international license and ride the bike abroad. They just changed it. I will take international license soon. I will start the work soon.

TDF Parcel, who is out on bail, has been regularly posting videos on his YouTube page. In that way, if the TDF Vasan license is canceled after posting a video of him sitting on an expensive bike, he should not drive any vehicle. But, let’s sit back and watch, shall we? Do not drive on the roads without a license.

But he said that he can drive on the race track and will get an international license soon. Due to this, the TDF fans have come from Khushi, now the next wedge has come to the TDF YouTube channel to give them trouble. Kanchipuram court issues notice to YouTube to terminate TTF Vasan’s YouTube channel. It has been reported that the court has taken action on the complaint filed by the police alleging that the children are being guided wrongly.

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