MGR acted in a different way because DMS did not sing.. It was a super hit Patache!..

MGR acted in a different way because DMS did not sing.. It was a super hit Patache!..
MGR acted in a different way because DMS did not sing.. It was a super hit Patache!..

Mgr songs: DM Soundararajan was the ideal singer for both MGR and Shivaji in the 50’s and 60’s. He entered cinema for acting and became a singer without proper opportunities. A model for MGR and a model for Shivaji, he is good at changing his voice.

So his voice is so suitable for both MGR and Shivaji. He has sung hundreds of songs for them. A few other singers including MGR and Sivaji have sung some songs but no one else has set them up like DMS’s voice.

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At one point, MGR and DM Soundararajan had a heart-to-heart. MGR then got SB Balasubramaniam and Yosudas to sing for him. There was also an incident where MGR waited for months for SBB to sing the song ‘Airam Nilave Vaa’ which was featured in the movie Adhubpen. Similarly, Yosudas also sang many songs for MGR in the 70s.

If a singer sings as if it suits the actor, it also happens from time to time that actors act as if it suits the singer’s voice. Usually MGR is very bouncy in his songs. Odi will perform. DM Soundararajan would have sung as well.

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But here we are going to see about the incident where MGR once acted like a singer’s voice. Directed by DR Ramanna and starring MGR, Sarojadevi and many others, the movie Basam was released in the year 1962. In this film there will be a song called ‘Pal Samara Baruam Kanden’.

Written by Kannadasan, this song is sung by SB Srinivas. His voice is very soft. Therefore, acting bouncy is not a set, MGR would have deviated from his usual style, playing very restrained and showing little facial expressions. It is noteworthy that this song attracted the fans and became a super hit.

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