Urmila congratulates Biju and Samyukta

Urmila congratulates Biju and Samyukta
Urmila congratulates Biju and Samyukta

Actor Bijumenon and actress Samyukta Verma, who are celebrating their wedding anniversary today, have an interesting note from actress Urmila Unni. The note is reminiscent of Samyukta’s childhood memories and interesting incidents. At the age of 14, Samyukta said, “I want you to find someone with a shiny face without a moustache… I want you to love me.”

Full version of Urmila Unni’s note

Life is beautiful

Samyukta was a good boy as a child. Running fast in circles anywhere, falling and injuring your whole body is the hobby!

The school is within walking distance from the house. Let her go to school with a clean dress. When she walks holding my index finger, she will say, “Mom, don’t say anything bad to me while doing homework.” If you don’t like me that much, roll it up and put it in your stomach and tell mom….. I only like Tatatei. When she comes back from school, her hair will be standing up as if she has been shocked. Everything will be covered with mud. The laces of the shoes are tied and draped over the shoulders!

She is 14 years old. While I was watching Hindi songs on TV, Samyukta said to me, “Thata Thai, I want to find someone with a shiny face without a moustache…premikana”… Auntie looked at me from the kitchen, rolling her eyes.

Samyukta became a movie star. Rushing from sets to sets. A friend of mine called me and said Urmila, I heard that Samyukta and Biju Menon are in love… I burst out laughing! “Chumma”!!! First of all, she would have even asked me if she was in love… and she wanted someone with a shiny face. Besides, will she be okay with Bijun, a handsome man…?

Children are not big in our minds. I was just waiting thinking that she will tell me all about her love…

Their 20th wedding anniversary has arrived. I asked Samyukta how is family life going? She said; “From the moment some people come into our lives, we feel a sense of responsibility. If it feels that way, the relationship will last. Compromises for love are hereafter. I am not united now; Tata Thai is satisfied… I asked a mischievous question. The one with the shiny face? She burst out laughing and then borrowed Mamukka’s words. Husband and wife relationship is not a blood relationship, but all relationships and life starts from a marriage relationship. Life is beautiful when you have a life partner who understands each other!

Biju and Samyukta are celebrating their wedding anniversary today.

“Beyond births, a copper flower will be fragrant…

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