Clash of reviews.. Mammootty’s reaction

Clash of reviews.. Mammootty’s reaction
Clash of reviews.. Mammootty’s reaction

There is no doubt that the reviews have some effect on the grossing and overall result of the movie. But there are reviews depending on how the movie is.. Reviews can’t kill a good movie. Baleni did not survive the movie. But recently, there is a trend of film teams lashing out at reviewers for giving negative reviews on their film.

This discussion has happened many times in Telugu but now it has become a hot topic in Malayalam. The panchayat has gone to the extent of going to the courts and filing cases against the reviews. The film team filed a case against Tamannaah in Malayalam saying that reviews were the reason for the decrease in the collection of their film. Also, a team went to court to prevent their film from getting reviews.

There is a wide discussion on this in Kerala. But recently Mammootty starrer ‘Kannur Squad’ got positive reviews. The movie was a bigger hit than expected. Meanwhile, Mammootty has prepared another movie ‘Kadal The Core’ starring Jyothika for release. He participated in the press meet as part of its promotions. On this occasion, reporters asked about ‘Review Bombing’. Danikayana gave a mature answer.

Mammootty said that he does not believe that the result of a film depends entirely on reviews. He opined that no one can stop the audience or reviewers from expressing their opinion.. This is necessary. He said that in a democracy anyone has the right to express their opinion. If not, he asked them to express their opinions freely and analyze the film constructively without being influenced by others. Mammootty’s comments are widely appreciated.

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