Because of them, I was left aside in my family.. I wanted to die: Actress Yamuna | Actress Yamuna Emotional Comments On Social Media

Yamuna continued to be the favorite star of the audience as a top heroine in South India. She rose to fame with the movie Mauna Munga, which was released in 1989. With super hit films like Mamagaru, Puttinti Patuchira and Erra Mandaram, the family audience loved it immensely. She got married while on Journey Super Speed ​​and then… stopped acting in films for a while. After a break, she started acting in TV serials. But about twelve years ago, news came that Yamuna was caught in an adultery case.

This effect also affected her career. But Yamuna was given a clean chit by the court. The court also made it clear that she had no role in it. But social media is not leaving her. She is still upset by what some people are doing for views by putting false thumbnails on her. Recently, Yamuna, who attended a TV program on the same subject, became emotional while speaking on this subject.

‘Many of my family have left me aside due to bad words written about me on social media. He also decided not to bear it all and die. Then I remembered the children and couldn’t do anything.’ She burst into tears.

What did Yamuna say about this matter in the past..?
Earlier, Yamuna shared her grief by making a video on her Instagram. ‘I got out because of a problem… I told what happened there in an interview. The court also gave a clean chit in this matter. But I can’t control social media. Still posting videos about me and my incident with crappy thumbnails. They are very painful to watch. No matter how motivated I am, I’m human too… I feel like they won’t leave me even if I die.’ She expressed her pain.

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