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Aju Varghese says those who pay Rs 150 to watch a movie have the right to review it

Aju Varghese says those who pay Rs 150 to watch a movie have the right to review it
Aju Varghese says those who pay Rs 150 to watch a movie have the right to review it

21 November 2023, 02:10 PM IST

Aju Varghese Photo: Mathrubhumi

Thiruvananthapuram: Actor Aju Varghese supports movie reviews. Aju Varghese clarified his stance on movie reviews in a press conference held in connection with the promotion of the new film Phoenix. Aju Varghese also said that hard criticism is good for the film.

He asked if there was a law against doing film reviews. “As long as it doesn’t change, it doesn’t matter if we talk,” he said. 150 they have the power to review. He will tell if the food is bad after going to a hotel. Aju also opined that the Malayalam films he is a part of are more of an industrial product than art.

I often do commercial films. It is a product. When we buy a product from the market, if it has the ISI seal, we buy it if we are so sure. Malayalam cinema is an industry that everyone looks forward to. Hard criticism is good for cinema. I believe I would not say that without some negative. Even if one does not like an actor, the movie sometimes satisfies the audience. I believe movies have such power.

I have also sat through screenings where people disliked an actor and returned liking him. If it’s good, the audience has said good. Or I never get any movies. No one seems to come with a preconceived notion. What I felt more than spending 150 rupees is the beauty we feel when we go to see someone we like when they disappoint us on the screen. They will forget it when the next film comes out. Aju Varghese added that it is difficult to perfect everything in cinema.

Phoenix is ​​a film scripted by Mithun Manuel Thomas after the success of Garuda. The movie was written and directed by Vishnu Bharatan who was Mithun Manuel’s main assistant.

The article is in Malayalam

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