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‘Attam’ is the result of friendship and collective effort – Vinay Fort

‘Attam’ is the result of friendship and collective effort – Vinay Fort
‘Attam’ is the result of friendship and collective effort – Vinay Fort

That‘Aatta’ directed by Nand Ekarshi was the inaugural film in the feature section of the Indian Panorama. A large group including the cast and crew attended the screening of the film. The film got a good response from the audience. Actor Vinay Fort talks about the film and the film festival.

‘This is the sixth time that the International Film Festival is coming to Goa. I have been here many times before but this time is special for me. I made a film with my theater friends who have been with me for almost 20 years. Its name is Attam. The movie is directed by Anand Ekarshi who is in our own theater group. This film was the result of the efforts of our friendship and association. The film was selected at the Mumbai Film Festival. Also selected for our IFFK. Also this day is very important day for us.

Indian Panorama at IFFI Goa was opened with the movie ‘Attam’. This film is the dream of many of us actors. We are a film of togetherness. It is produced by Ajith Joy. Today this film has received the biggest recognition ever. Being the inaugural film in Indian Panorama, which selected the best films in India, is a big deal for our young film. In terms of being very happy.

Attam is a commercial film like we see in Iranian films. The film will release in January. After the IFFK in Thiruvananthapuram, the film will have its theatrical release in January. Therefore, all the promotions of the movie have been started. Each and every accolade this film receives is a source of great joy and pride.

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