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That day, Mammooka said, I can’t eat but just walk around like him – Jio Baby

Then Mammooka said that I can only walk like him without eating: Jio baby

Kathal The Core is a new film directed by Jio Baby starring Mammootty. The film also has the distinction of South Indian star Jyothika acting in Malayalam after many years. Director Jio Baby shares the fun experience during the shooting of the film.

Jio Baby says that there is a shot in the film where Mammootty eats chips and every time he gets ready for the shoot, the packet of chips runs out and it is Mammootty who eats it. He was talking to Saina South Plus.

‘There is a shot in the film where Mammooka is eating chips. Kappa chips are eaten. A lot of it has been purchased as property for shooting purposes. My understanding was that Mammooka would take one or two of them and eat them anywhere. Because he is not a person who cares about health and diet very well.

But when I look, one whole packet is finished. My mon is there too. I thought he would eat more. So Mammooka himself told me to open the next packet. Started eating that too.

Seeing Mammooka eating it, I asked if Mammooka will eat this, then he said, I will. Jio Baby says that he can’t just walk like himself (laughs).

Cathal The Core will release on November 23. Produced under the banner of Mammootty’s company, this film is distributed in Kerala by Wayfarer Films owned by Dulquer Salmaan.

The cinematography of the film is by Salu K. Muthumani, Chinnu Chandini, Sudhi Kozhikode, Alistair Alex, Anagha Aku, Josie Sijo, Adarsh ​​Sukumaran etc. Performed by Thomas. Executive Producer S. George

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The article is in Malayalam

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