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After 115 crores movie….what is the business rate of Andhra! : T2BLive

Natural star Nani, who is one of the heroes who has been waiting for a mass hit at the box office since time immemorial, has got a sensational hit this summer with Dasara Movie. This movie which came with good expectations showed strong with excellent collections at the box office.

In Nani’s career, she got the highest collections of all time. Hi Nanna (Hi Nanna Movie), which is now preparing to come before the audience from Nani, after this movie collected a share of 63.55 crores in the total run and collected gross collections in the range of 115 crores.

Compared to Dussehra, this movie is a completely different movie, as it is a movie with a complete touch of class, business is not happening in the Dussehra movie range… but it should be said that this movie will get good reasonable business from the genre of the movie.

The movie business in Coastal Andhra is now all over. Business offers are coming in between 10-12 crores for the film. There is a talk that the makers are expecting a bit too much here, but if you look at the genre of the film, this rate…

Reasonable rate. Now it has become interesting whether the makers will finalize this rate or wait until a better rate is available. The movie is getting ready for a grand release at the box office on December 7.

The article is in Telugu

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