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A movie that is a huge success in one language means that many efforts are made to remake that movie in other industries, they don’t pay much attention to routine movies, but if the movie is a classic, then they think that this movie should be presented to their audience as well.

Producers also want to earn more money with such movies, but in the case of a classic movie in Tollywood, even if it becomes a classic hit, even if excellent remake offers come in other languages, he has decided not to remake that movie under any circumstances…

The producer and hero is King Nagarjuna (Nagarjuna)…that movie is none other than the classic movie Manam (Manam Movie) released in 2014..Even from the release time of this movie, actors from other industries have tried to remake this movie.

But Nagarjuna said that this is the last film starring the legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao, and since his entire family acted in it, it should remain a sweet symbol and there will be no remakes of this film under any circumstances. So people from other industries missed this classic remake…

In the middle, they tried to make some movies similar to the concept of this movie in other languages, but they did not materialize because the star cast was not set perfectly. Even though they tried to remake this movie in Hindi on a huge scale, as they said no to the remake, we can say that it will be the last sweet mark of ANR.

The article is in Telugu

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