Vijayakanth can’t get away with this matter alone…! The famous actor who got caught…

Vijayakanth is the proud owner of Tamil cinema. Namma Vijayakanth who is fondly known as captain and revolutionist has acted in more than 150 films. And he has been a pioneer for most of the leading actors.

Many actors are longing to see if he will ever return to his old self. Recently Vijayakanth’s birthday ended. For that, many movie stars expressed their congratulations.

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They also shared good old experiences with Vijayakanth. In that way, popular character actor and dubbing actor MS Bhaskar made Vijayakanth proud by telling an incident of his own. MS Bhaskar has acted in the film Dharmapuri with Vijayakanth.


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While having lunch during the shooting of the film, Ms. Vijayakanth saw Bhaskar sitting alone eating and called Bhaskar. Then Bhaskar got scared and kept thinking how to sit next to Vijayakanth. You can’t escape Vijayakanth only when it comes to food. Bhaskar said that I gained 8 kg in this one film, you will not believe me.

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