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Chain smoker at the age of 13.. Do you know the story of Vetrimaran who smoked 170 cigarettes a day and recovered from it?

First Published Sep 4, 2022, 10:48 AM IST

Vetrimaaran : This news package tells the story of Vetrimaaran, who was a chain smoker who puffed up to 170 cigarettes a day.

There are very few directors in Tamil cinema who have never given a flop, and Vetimaaran is the foremost among them. Vetrimaran, who worked as an assistant director to director Balu Mahendra, made his directorial debut in Tamil cinema with the 2007 release Polladavan starring Dhanush.

Although it has been 15 years since he stepped into Tamil cinema, he has directed only 5 films so far. All these 5 films are unmissable quality films in Tamil cinema. He has won 5 national awards so far. Vetrimaran, who is the greatest director of Tamil cinema, is celebrating his 47th birthday today.

While fans and celebrities are showering him with congratulations, this news package tells the story of how he recovered from being a chain smoker who puffed up to 170 cigarettes a day.

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A chain smoker at age 13. From school, college to the film industry, everyone remembers that he is the one with a cigarette in his hand. If you are addicted to smoking before the age of 21, the growth of body parts will be stunted. At the time of filming Polladavan, Vetri smoked up to 170 cigarettes a day.

At one point Vethimaran consulted a doctor after his health worsened. Doctors said that even if they did angiography, if they do not give up the habit of smoking, the condition will worsen. Vetri was smoking a cigarette thinking what to do even then.

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Later, Vetrimaran, who had not smoked a cigarette for a month due to health reasons, got tense one day during the shooting and asked his assistant to buy him a cigarette. After trying to give up the habit of cigarettes many times as advised by the doctors, it ended in failure.

He was a successful person who could not give up the cigarette habit despite trying so many times. Can you believe if he gave up the habit of cigarettes in one day… But that’s the reality. Directed by Gautham Menon, Suriya’s film Varanam Ayaar features scenes of actor Suriya’s recovery from drug addiction.

After watching the film, Vetrimaran came out of the theater and puffed out a cigarette saying that this is the last cigarette I will smoke. He has not touched a cigarette since then. Varanam Ayaal film has helped him a lot in giving up his cigarette habit. This is an example of how much impact movies can have on a person’s life.

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