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Akshay Kumar Angry On Kapil Sharma Said Kapil Has Kept An Eye On My Films And Money

Akshay Kumar got angry after going to Kapil Sharma Show

special things

  • Akshay Kumar’s anger on Kapil broke out
  • Akshay Kumar’s movies are not working
  • Kapil Sharma will start with new team

New Delhi :

Everyone must have guessed that Kapil Sharma’s show has returned. That too in a new and unique way. This time Kapil is starting with a new team in the show and some old strong actors are going to be seen with Kapil once again. Along with husband and wife’s jokes, laughter can also hurt your stomach and mouth, but Kapil’s funny jokes are not taking the name of stopping this time. Let us tell you that Kapil Sharma’s show is going on air on 10 September. Whose promo has recently been shared by Sony TV. The special thing is that this time Akshay Kumar is not coming to laugh at Kapil’s funny joke but to vent his anger.

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Yes, in the recently shared promo, it can be seen that Akshay Kumar is the first to be seen in the new season of Kapil Sharma. Along with Akshay, Rakul Preet Singh is also seen. Both were also going to talk about their upcoming project here, but before anything could happen, Akshay’s anger erupted on seeing Kapil.

In the promo released, it can be seen that Kapil laughs and says how do you become a year younger on every birthday, after which Akshay is unable to control himself. They say, ‘This man seems so eye-catching, really look, he has looked at my films on money, now look at my films are not playing. After which Kapil Sharma’s laugh is missed. Let the fans know that even after listening to this promo and Akshay’s punch, they can not stop laughing.

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