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Chhatrapati sidelined?

It’s been four years since Bellamkonda Srinivas’ movie hit the shores. Alludu Adurs was never seen on the Telugu screen again after the flop.

Almost two and a half years have passed since the release of Alludu Adurs. It is not known whether any movie of Pony is being made in Telugu. Prabhas Chhatrapati is being remade in Hindi. Vediki Vediki has been directed by VV Vinayak. But what is the condition of the film? It is not known when it will be released in Bollywood.

In fact, there is a positive atmosphere for South movies in Bollywood now. However, Chhatrapati does not seem to be thinking of releasing a remake. However, Chhatrapati’s remake does not come under Telugu cinema. I don’t know how Telugu people will react. Because that is a film that Prabhas-Rajamouli made in a range.

Bellamkonda is a million dollar issue why Telugu movie is not being planned. No hero is empty. But Bellamkonda does not know why no project is being taken up. No matter how much the market is down, there is still a lot, isn’t it? What is actually happening needs to be answered from the Bellamkonda side.

Another gossip is also heard in this. There are also reports that Chhatrapati’s remake did not come in the expected range and many reshoots were required for it, hence it was shelved. Gossips are heard that there is no possibility of making another film until it is completed and handed over to a Hindi producer, that’s why Bellamkonda stayed like that.

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