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Contemporary Tamil Cinema’s ‘Balance’ Director Vetrimaran… How? | Vetrimaaran and his movies

Contemporary Tamil Cinema’s ‘Balance’ Director Vetrimaran… How? | Vetrimaaran and his movies
Contemporary Tamil Cinema’s ‘Balance’ Director Vetrimaran… How? | Vetrimaaran and his movies

Vethimaran is a master at conveying conceptual commercial cinema on screen. Let’s take a look at the creator who depicted the background of the common people as close to reality as possible.

It is the social responsibility of a creator to reflect the life and problems of common people in original words. Along with that responsibility comes the creator’s obligation to provide commercial value to the producer who relied on him. Directors who get it right are celebrated by fans from all walks of life, both contemporary and timeless. They also linger in the minds of populist cinema fans. You can’t avoid success in such creative ranks. Taking his pictures, they can travel on a balance between content + business.

If you look at it like that, there will be romance in Vetrimaran’s first film ‘Bolladhavan’; There will be a punch song; Romance and comedy will cater to the masses. Whereas in its layers the life of the middle class is also reflected. At that time it was the dream of every middle class youth to buy a ‘Pulsar’ car. The struggle for it, the pain when it is about to be taken away, and the father-son relationship that moves through it, ‘Polladavan’ is a cinema for the common people that is close to reality.

Taking the film ‘Aadukalam’, the unhurried Madurai slang leaves the dust of that dusty home flying, and human conflicts and emotional problems are realized in the conflicts that happen to the roosters. Its visual language, which is similar to a literary work, and the interesting screenplay has seen a resounding success in the commercial cinema arena. It was the field that made the creator of ‘Vetri Maran’ recognized in Tamil cinema with two national awards.

Vetrimaran’s specialty is to sculpt and sculpt the image in a certain interval without taking pictures and accumulating them. After the 2011 film ‘Adukulam’, 2016 ‘Visaranai’. In fact, it takes mental fortitude to watch the film ‘Visaranai’. A story of a power structure that destroys the life of a young man with a simple background of working in a grocery store. There is no compromise in the story of flesh and blood. It questions the layers of the power structure while directly interacting with the audience. Vetrimaran has portrayed the livelihoods of the common people who are being destroyed with uncompromising visual language. This film, which involves ‘investigation’ of the power system, is a compelling work of Tamil cinema.

The rowdyism prevailing in ‘North Chennai’, the social, political and economic factors behind the formation of that rowdyism, their impact on the lives of the people living in that area, and land politics have reached the boundaries of North Chennai. Especially the gang fight scene under the collapsing samiana roof of the prison was praised for its brilliant cinematography. He would have intimidated by layering the complex screenplay. Vetrimaran had now developed himself into a complete director.

‘No one can take it to study. Read and sit in power. The soul of the film ‘Asuran’ is the maturity of “Avanka Tukke Pannada Ne Udari Avam Pannada” after coming to power. It is the place that lifts the entire film. When we have so much anger towards the opposition, turning the channel of that anger into a platform for education has become known as an important climactic face of Tamil cinema.

That powerful concept was also reached through the film which reached all walks of life as a mass cinema. This is a strong point for content + commercial films. Alternative cinema films tend to shrink with their respective audiences. Commercial films that are just commercial will dry up as love, 4 fights, 2 romances. Combining these two and conveying a powerful message on screen is sure to reach the largest target audience both commercially and ideologically.

Happy birthday to Vetrimaran who is crawling in Tamil cinema as such a balancing director!

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