Do you know about this villainous actor who staged sit-ins if he was banned and returned to films?

Actor Thilakan If this name is mentioned, this generation may not remember much In the Malayalam film industry He continued to be a top actor.

He is well known to the Telugu film industry through dubbing movies.Thilakan Full name is Surendranath Thilakan. Born in July 1935, Thilakan first showed his talent through plays. In 1973 Malayalam film Periyar Changed his life completely. From there there was no need to look back. He received many awards in the Malayalam film industry. Thilakan He used to bring life to the characters with his acting.

More than 200 In movies As a supporting actor Thilakan is the best who has played many roles National Auxiliary Award Also received. Moreover in 1999 Padma Shri The Indian government honored him. He was an atheist all his life Thilakan He was a supporter of the Communist Party. He was one of the actors who propagated Communism well. If he died of illness, the party leaders kept the communist flag over Thilakan’s body.

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Now in Telugu As Balakrishna’s father in the movie Samarasimha Reddy Tilakan acted. If Srihari acts as the hero in the movie Sri Mahalakshmi, then he is in that movie the villain Acted as

And he has been a carafe address for controversies throughout his life.

Telugu Thilakan, Communist, Congress, Periyar, Samarasimha-Movie

In 2010 he starring A film National Award A big award for a Congress party To Amitabhachan He openly criticized and became controversial Malayalam Film Industry Make him official Ban He did starring In movies His role was given to others and he was deprived of opportunities.

The media came forward and publicly protested done Again back Got his place Thilakan as an actor in the Malayalam industry There is recognition. Moreover, his fans are also Thilakan back We can understand the extent of his influence if he even went to the locations where the shooting of the film was taking place to give opportunities.


And for a few months in Thiruvananthapuram at the age of 77 to illness Thilakan passed away while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

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