After Ranbir Kapoor, now Vivek Agnihotri’s beef video goes viral

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer ‘Brahmastra’ is releasing today on 9th September across the country. In Bollywood, the storm of Boycott also went on for ‘Brahmastra’, not only this, people started digging and digging out the dead bodies. An age-old video of Ranbir Kapoor was thrown on social media, with which the exercise of calling Ranbir Singh anti-Hindu also started. Actually, in that 11-year-old video, Ranbir Kapoor is talking about eating beef i.e. meat of cow and buffalo. At the same time, the director of ‘The Kashmir Files’ Vivek Agnihotri also lost his hand in Boycott’s flowing Ganga regarding ‘Brahmastra’ and he was also seen taunting the filmmakers. Now the video which is shadowed on social media can become a source of trouble for Vivek Agnihotri. In fact, like Ranbir, Vivek Agnihotri is also talking about eating beef in this video.

Vivek Agnihotri’s beef video goes viral
This video has been dug out on social media by Ranbir Kapoor and his film ‘Brahmastra’ supporter. Now this video of Vivek Agnihotri is going viral. While sharing this video, it is written in the caption, ‘These people will never show you this video of Vivek Agnihotri, who himself is a beef eater and it is his personal choice. Because it does not fit their narrative and agenda, but you guys stay away from these people and enjoy the film Brahmastra in theaters by buying tickets.

Said- I used to eat beef before, I still eat it
In this video Vivek Agnihotri is seen saying-

‘I also wrote about where you can get the best beef. I have written about many things. I used to eat before and still eat, but nothing has changed in my life.

Vivek Agnihotri

Blind devotees came out in support of Vivek
But here too there is no dearth of blind devotees. People have come out in support of Vivek Agnihotri here too. One user has written – He is not playing the role of Lord Shiva nor is he holding a trident in his hand.

The user asked- Why are you posting this video now?
Another person expressed his love for Vivek Agnihotri and wrote, ‘He used to eat beef but not now. And he has made a film on the real life incident, which the Muslims of Kashmir did to the Hindus. Why are you posting this video now? So that you can save your movie from boycott? You should be ashamed of your political views.

Vivek Agnihotri: Vivek Agnihotri taunts Ayan Mukerji and Karan Johar – even these Brahmastras can’t speak properly
‘It is not acceptable for people who eat beef to film our Hindu religion’
However, there are some people who are confused here who are considering it wrong. One said, ‘It is not acceptable for people who eat beef to film our Hindu religion. Tomorrow, if Vivek Agnihotri makes a film on Hindu gods and goddesses, then they will definitely be boycotted.

People asked- When Ranbir did not enter the temple, why did he get it?
Recently, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt had come to Ujjain’s Mahakal temple to take darshan and blessings of God. It was told that due to the video of Ranbir Kapoor’s beef, the activists of the Hinduist organization fiercely opposed the actors at the main gate of the Mahakaleshwar temple, after which they were returned from the same gate. He was not allowed to enter the temple because of his statement about beef. Now some people have shared the picture of Vivek Agnihotri inside the temple regarding this and have questioned why they have been given entry.

‘There is no shame, when it is your turn, shamelessly giving clarification’
Here the fans of Ranbir and Vivek Agnihotri are at loggerheads. One has said to those who support Vivek, ‘There is no shame, when it comes to its turn, shamelessly giving clarification and even more amazing are its blind followers who are justifying him. How easy it is not to play with people’s emotions and he is also very talented in this task. Stay on.’

There has been a lot of talk of Hindu and Hindutva

Let us remind that with the release of ‘The Kashmir Files’, his fans started considering him as ‘Voice of Hindus’. After the tremendous success of his film, he was seen talking a lot about Hindu civilization and culture. He had said on the announcement of his next film, “Most western has been secular agenda and hence Hindu civilization has always been ignored, it has been assumed that we are weak and all we have learned is from western rulers or invaders.” , so it is wrong.’

Brahmastra Advance Booking: ‘Brahmastra’ has shown to beat the boycott, earning record even before release
‘Brahmastra’ released today
Let us also inform here that even after all the boycotts, Ayan Mukerji’s film ‘Brahmastra’ has made strong advance booking. It has been told that only on Wednesday, advance booking of Rs 18 crore has been done for this film and this film has reached number two in making a record in this case. The film can be enjoyed in theaters in 2D and 3D. The film has been released today on 9th September.

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