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Dongalunnaru Jagratha review: Review: Beware of thieves

Image: Beware of thieves; Actors: Srisimha, Samudrakhani, Preeti Asrani and others; Music: Kala Bhairava; Editing: Gary; Cinematography: Yashwant C; Producer: D. Suresh Babu, Suneeth Tati; Direction: Satish Tripura; Release: 23-09-2022

Among the films released this week, the films that mainly attracted the attention of the audience are… three. One of them is… ‘Beware of thieves’. This movie was promoted as a survival thriller. Presenting by Suresh Productions…Sreesimha who is traveling while choosing concept films and acting…Samudrakhani, Srikanth Iyengar and others have increased the interest to watch the film. And how is this movie? Who are the thieves?

The story is: Raju (Sreesimha Koduri) is a thief. He steals valuables from cars. So one day he chooses a car for theft. Once you get into it, it gets locked. He gets stuck in it without coming out. Then he hears a voice. It is revealed that there is a doctor behind Raju getting locked in the car. So who is the doctor? Why did Raju target? Did he get out of the car or not? That is the rest of the story.

How about: This film introduced a new genre to the Telugu screen. The film team promoted it as a survival thriller. It was inspired by the foreign film 4×4. The film is unique in that almost the entire story takes place in a car, except for the iconic scenes. It takes time to get into the real story. The opening scenes seem stretched and unremarkable. When the thief gets stuck in the car, the character of the person connected to him with the voice in the car starts to show more impact and the original story seems to get stronger. More suspense and thrilling elements are crucial for such crime based stories. A story that has the potential to connect with emotions. The concept is good but the director has failed to bring it to the screen in an interesting way. The mystery behind locking the thief in the car is intriguing, but after the scenes, it turns into a simple revenge story. The main strength of the movie is the message of the story of their taluk influence after the thefts. Flagship scenes are impressive. Although the length is short, the story and the stories do not have much impact on the audience.

Who did it: Sreesimha Koduri’s performance is the main strength of the film. The whole story revolves around him. Appears in the car and has to be seen in close-ups in every scene. Playing such roles is a sword. His performance in the second half is more impressive. Samudrakhani, Srikanth and Preeti Asrani will be seen in pivotal roles. Shubhalekha Sudhakar’s voice-over made a strong impact. Let’s talk about music first in the technical sections. Kalabhairava once again made his mark with background music. Cinematographer Yashwant C’s camera work is impressive. He has made an impact with his performance despite the limitations. The director’s work is seen only in some scenes. The production is up to the standard of the film.


+ Concept

+ message

+ the length


Thrilling elements are lacking

Opening scenes

Finally: Beware of thieves.. The message is only good..

Note: This review is from the point of view of the reviewer. It is the reviewer’s personal opinion only!

The article is in Telugu

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