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Asvins Movie Review In Telugu Starring Vasanth Ravi Vimala Raman Tarun Teja Mallareddy’s Asvins Review Rating | Asvins Movie Review

Asvins Movie Review In Telugu Starring Vasanth Ravi Vimala Raman Tarun Teja Mallareddy’s Asvins Review Rating | Asvins Movie Review
Asvins Movie Review In Telugu Starring Vasanth Ravi Vimala Raman Tarun Teja Mallareddy’s Asvins Review Rating | Asvins Movie Review

Movie Review : Ashwins
Rating : 3/5
Starring: Vasanth Ravi, Vimala Raman, Muralidharan Subramanian, Saras Menon, Udaya Deep, Malina Atul, Simran Pareek etc.
Co-Producer : Praveen Daniel
Cinematography : Edwin Sacke
Music by: Vijay Siddharth
Producer : BVSN Prasad
Directed by: Tarun Teja
Release Date: June 23, 2023

Young hero Vasanth Ravi rose to fame with Tamil films ‘Taramani’ and ‘Rocky’. Rajinikanth also acted in ‘Jailor’. He acted in the movie ‘Ashvins’ (Asvins Movie). The film is based on a 20-minute pilot film. It is a psychological horror thriller. This film is coming from Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra Sansthan, which has given the audience a thrill with ‘Virupaksha’ this year. Will ‘Ashwins’ be as scary as ‘Virupaksha’? Does it provide a thrill?

Story (Asvins Movie Story) : Arjun (Vasant Ravi), Ritu alias Rithvika (Saras Menon), Varun (Muralidharan Subramanian), Rahul (Udaya Deep), Grace (Malina Atul) YouTubers! Their profession is to make videos in haunted houses. After watching the videos they made in India, a black tourism project will come in UK. A haunted castle on the outskirts of London has to be recorded. Archaeologist Aarti Rajagopal (Vimala Raman) once resided in that huge building. People stopped going into the building after about fifteen people were found dead. Aarti Rajagopal’s body disappears. Did Arjun and the gang who went into it come out alive? Or? You have to watch the movie to know.

Analysis (Asvins Review): ‘See how awful silence is!’ – Dialogue in the movie ‘He’! Horror movie lovers know what the fear of silence feels like. In fact, there is a sound in silence. What if sound could contain silence? What if the sound accompanies the sight and haunts the audience’s mind? If hunted? There are many people who go to the theaters for such a thrill! ‘Ashwins’ is a movie that is loved by such people.

Five go into the ghost castle. How did the devil hunt and kill them? Or did all five escape from the devil? – This is the concept of ‘Ashwins’ in a nutshell. To be honest… the story doesn’t move forward until the interval. But director Tarun Teja has given the audience a sense of thrill and horror at every step. The shots and visuals will not feel new to the audience who have seen hundreds of horror thrillers. Regular horror moments come on screen. However, they are afraid. Tarun Teja did magic with Antala music director Vijay Siddharth and cinematographer Edwin Sakey. When it came to rest, the audience was given enough thrill and fear for the price of the ticket.

Music director Vijay Siddharth has played a major role in terrorizing the audiences who entered the theaters of ‘Ashwins’. He is the real hero off screen. Then a cinematographer. The visuals are extraordinary. The sound design, editing & lighting are also superb! Build values ​​are good.

When it comes to story and direction… Tarun Teja’s work and detailing is evident in every word and every scene. There is so much in him. Making a first feature film at this level in terms of writing and visuals is not a common thing. The way horror and mythology are mixed is good. Audiences who only watch horror will see only regular scares and routine shots on screen. If you look deeper… what you see on the screen is the illusion of the actors? Or is it true? Tarun Teja went on giving clues. What is reality? What is an illusion? He gave a puzzle to the audience. Why is there a green light in the subconscious memory? Why is there regular lighting on the other side? That is the thought. He succeeded in maintaining that suspense. Scared even!

But… some things were repeated. After the interval, Aarti Rajagopal told the story that started the movie and the effect was missed. Missed after that as much speed as it had until the interval. We have already given a lot of thrills, so we thought it was enough!? After the story begins, the horror and thrill moments subside. When the climax came again, the speed picked up. Flagship scenes give edge-of-the-seat thrill.

How did the actors do? : Usually in horror thriller movies, the actors have less chance to show their talent. As far as ‘Ashwin’s’ first over, there seems to be some truth in that statement. Except for a few scenes, the artists did not get a chance to act much. After the interval, Vimala Raman deleted the words. Vasant Ravi has boomed since Flashback. Especially in the flag scenes, his performance adds to the excitement along with the background music. Other than the hero, their characters are not that strong. The depth is missing in the bonding scenes between them.

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Finally what? : Lovers of thrillers and horror films will like ‘Ashwins’ a lot. scares the audience. Gives a good thrill. Cinematography, sound design and music are top notch. ‘Ashwins’ is not to be missed for Vasant Ravi’s acting and Vijay Siddharth’s music. ‘Ashwins’ is one of the best psychological thriller movies of this year.

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The article is in Telugu

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