Superstar Singer 2: Mohammad Faiz didn’t want to be a singer, when he gave audition for ‘Superstar Singer 2’

Many new and unique talents were seen in the singing reality show ‘Superstar Singer 2’. The little kids gave a really amazing performance and surprised everyone with their skills. Starting from 23 April 2022, the grand finale of this season took place on 3 September. In this show that lasted about four and a half months, only 6 contestants could reach near the trophy and among them Mohammad Faiz of Jodhpur could claim his right on it. He was given a huge and glittering trophy along with Rs 15 lakh as the winning amount. How happy he is to get this and what was the reaction of the family, all he shared in a special conversation with ‘NavbharatTimes’.

How was your journey as a superstar singer? And how much did you expect to win?
It was a memorable journey for me. I found good friends, mentors, captains and judges. There was such a great musical atmosphere that inspired a lot. Right from the day of the audition round, I never felt like we were in a competition. I used to think that there is only fun and music here. It gave me a lot of positive energy. Regarding this victory, I was not completely sure that I would win, but I was asking God that I should become the winner, because everyone here comes with this dream. I used to tell the above that it would be good if I get the trophy.

Superstar Singer 2 Winner: 14-year-old Mohammad Faiz became the winner of ‘Superstar Singer 2’, mother’s eyes moist on victory

Alka Yagnik praised the winner of ‘Superstar Singer 2’ Mohammad Faiz.

What was your reaction when your name was announced as the winner?
When my name was announced, my senses were blown away and I was completely numb (laughs). I was not able to get any balls, my hands were trembling. Even then I could not believe that I was the winner. Then when I came home, I felt confident and said to myself ‘Oh wow, I became the winner.’ My mother, sisters and the rest of the family were sure that I would win. He used to say that whatever happens, it will be good. So I got a lot of positive things from the family. But we were just enjoying when the finale was shot, there was no thought at that time of victory or defeat. I had competition with myself because I wanted to sing better than before. Let me tell you one thing that I used to eat noodles before every shoot (laughs) but they used to come in half an hour, not in two minutes.

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superstar singer 2 Winner Faiz

Mohammad Faiz is very happy on becoming the winner of Superstar Singer 2.

Your family is also involved in music, so it was your dream to become a singer?
My maternal grandfather Ustad Shakur Khan Sahab is a classical music singer. My grandfather Ustad Vashir Khan sahab plays the harmonium. My maternal grandfather is a disciple of Ustad Amir Khan Sahab and I am his disciple. I am from Indore gharana. When I was very young, I was not sure whether I wanted to become a singer or something. I loved art, I used to make paintings, sketches a lot. I used to do such silly things that anyone looking at me could say that this boy is crazy, but had never thought of becoming a singer. Although everyone in my family had a dream to become a singer, somewhere because of my maternal grandfather and grandfather, I had music. So I was singing one day and Nana ji heard it, so he said you can sing. Slowly I started singing and became a singing singer.

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Mohammad Faiz winner

Faiz is in 9th standard now. He wants to balance both singing and studies.

We heard that your voice got messed up before auditioning? What is the story behind this?
To be honest, a lovely story happened to me regarding auditions. It happened that I am from Jodhpur Rajasthan and I had to come to Mumbai to give audition. I had reached Mumbai 15 days back, but due to climate change, my throat swelled. I got worried a lot. I had tried liquorice, ginger, turmeric, honey, salt gargles, all home remedies, but my throat was not getting better. Then audition day came, so I was very upset. That day my throat was sore even more. Then I was so flustered that I called mom and didi and said that please pray for me today, some miracle should happen. Before going on stage, I was singing continuously thinking that my tone would sound right. But when I reached the stage, my tone also started and it was sounding so sweet that I could not believe that I sang it. (laughs) I thought this lovely little different tone became because of the voice sitting.

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Which quality of the three judges do you like the most?
By the way, all the three judges (Alka Yagnik, Javed, Himesh Reshammiya) are amazing. But I really like the musical nature of Alka ma’am. She doesn’t see how old she is. She doesn’t discriminate. She only watches singing. Javed sir is very sweet. Off screen he used to come to meet us first and after that he used to sit on his chair. I have learned a lot from him. And what to say about HR (Himesh Reshammiya) sir, he is the most dangerous. I am a fan of his composition. He has given many lovely songs like Main Jahan Rahoon, Tere Naam. Her dance numbers are also amazing. He was always sitting in front of us, so even when there was a break, he used to make some composition, think or record something.

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superstar singer 2

Mohammad Faiz has received the trophy and Rs 15 lakh.

Missed mom’s hand food and mirchi vada
I missed the mirchi vada and onion kachori of Rajasthan a lot. I also missed a lot of hot delicious food made by my mother. But there is a lot of humidity in Mumbai, there is no such weather in Rajasthan. I was stunned to see Mumbai rain, because I had never seen so much rain. The big pav of Mumbai was very much liked.

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Mohammad Faiz suprestar singer winner 2

Mohammad Faiz’s hairstyle is famous.

Many people are crazy about your hairstyle, was it done after planning something? And what are your plans in the future?
Oh no ! This is radm. This hairstyle was not done by thinking. I liked this hairstyle just after getting a haircut and I kept it. I had no idea that this style of my hair would become so popular. This hairstyle of mine will remain the same in future also. You can say that I will be the way I am in front of you. Looking at the future, I am not going to leave anything, I have to do everything. I will do everything in acting, dancing, mimicry, composition, writing songs. But my first choice is singing because it is in my heart.

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