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31 August 2022

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Cast: Kalidas Jayaram, Kalaiyarasan, Tushara Vijayan, Sindhuja Viji, Saboor Kallarakkal, Charles Vinod; Cinematography: A. Kishore Kumar; Music: Thenma; Directed by: Pa. Ranjith.

As a director, ‘Stars are moving’. Sixth film for Ranjith. His previous film Sarbhata Parampara was a huge success and this film was also a highly anticipated film.

Arjun (Kaliyarasan) leaves his hometown and comes to Puducherry with the intention of acting in cinema and becoming a big hero. There, he joins a drama group and engages in acting training, and he strongly disagrees with the opinions of the others in the group.

In this situation, a political play is planned to be conducted by the theater group. In the course of events, lovers Rene (Dushara) and Inian (Kalidas) break up. Finally, the rest of the film tells us whether a political drama was played, what happened to Arjun, and what happened to Dushara – Kalidas love.

A review of the Hindu Tamil Vektik newspaper says that even if the film feels the pressure of propaganda for a few seconds, this initiative should be appreciated. “Director Pa. Ranjith takes us by the hand and takes us by the hand to a new world, away from the romantic films we have seen so far. In that world, love is not limited to a man and a woman. Instead, there is love that transcends gender, caste, religion and color differences. Especially there is the love of Tanpal lovers and the love of transsexuals. It is spoken without hesitation. There are no women bound to men, no crying women, no men with a savior mentality. This new development in Tamil cinema should be appreciated.

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There is much to enjoy in the film. Visually the film takes us to another plane. Love, the visuals for it and Ilayaraja’s accompanying song are a feast for the eyes as many scenes unfold poetically. Ranjith’s greatest strength is his non-promotional screenplay. But in the first half of this film, the dialogue that starts with ‘Kathaalnna enna’ gave the feeling of sitting in a classroom. Some of the scenes that followed gave the impetus to the campaign,” says the Hindu Tamil direction.

Also, this review points out some weak points in the film. “The film’s length makes the audience squirm out of their seats after a point. There are a few speed breakers here and there like Prasara Nadi at many places, deep lack of writing despite having a lot of characters, break-ups due to weak reasons, a character who turns out to be a good person. Dhanpal’s attractors could have talked about romance even more. The interview gives the feel of the documentary.”

The review of the new generation website says that everyone who has acted in this film has acted very well. “Kalidhas, Tushara, Kalaiyarasan, Hari Krishnan, Vinod, Subatra, Harish, Stephen Raj have given their full performance in every character of the film. The rehearsal scenes for the play, the dialogue between Tushara and Kalidas, the scenes where Kalaiyarasan speaks against the misunderstandings are threatening at many places in the film. ” says the review.

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The Star Moves – Pa. How is the media review for Ranjith’s film?

“Since this film is a platform for a great conversation, he has tried to convey many important points of the film through the subtitles. It gives a little tiring while watching the film. Even so, the thought arises that some things may have been conveyed emotionally. For example, Kalaiyarasan’s change of mind happens suddenly in a second. He could have emotionally told what made him change like that.” Says the new generation.

The star moves

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Dinamani newspaper says that this is the most important film that can cause the biggest shocks. The review of this newspaper says that many lines and scenes in the film are particularly impressive.” In one scene, Tushara says, “We are not all perfect, we have made mistakes and we have reached a better position, we are going to be learning throughout life”. Many lines throughout the film attract attention. A thought may appear to move very slowly due to the nature of the film.

Even today, wrong ideas about women are spoken in offices and public spaces. Even progressive thinkers make selfish decisions when it comes to ourselves. This film analyzes many such things.

Dinamani’s review says, “Paranjith has very clearly recorded how far caste is rooted in an average family and talks about the caste inequalities in the society.”

Looking at the media reviews for Nakshatram Nagarhawat, one gets the impression that it is a different, compelling film. But, it is also understandable that at some places moving the scenes through the dialogue is boring.

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