The hit-and-run passerby died; The biker who did not stop was arrested after 3 months

Kannur: The Kannur town police has arrested the biker who hit and killed a young passer-by and kept going without stopping after three months. The bike that caused the accident was also taken into custody.

Muhammad Munivar (22) of Kundilakandi KP House near Kuttiatur Chekkikulam was arrested in the incident of death of painting worker Ayesha Manzil of Valiannur.

On May 25, the accident happened near Vaidyarpeethika in Mundayat at around 11:30 pm. The bike that caused the accident was also taken into custody by the police. This bike belongs to the relative of the accused. A case of involuntary manslaughter has been registered.

Muhammad Rafeeq, who was lying on the road, was rushed to the hospital by the patrolling police but could not be saved. He suffered severe head injuries and bled to death. Muhammad Rafeeq, a member of a poor family, has a wife and three children.

Mohammad Muniwar, an employee of a supermarket in Kannur, was on his way home after work when the accident happened. He left the place without trying to save the person who fell from his bike. The incident was not told to anyone. He rode the same bike to work every day as if nothing had happened.

Behind the red bike…

The police started their investigation based on a tip-off given by a person who was near the spot and unclear footage captured on CCTV. His statement was that he saw the red bike passing by at that time.

CCTV The two numbers on the bike’s number plate are also visible in the video. Then RTO The investigation focused on red bikes in the office has reached its goal. Muhammad Munivar also learned that he was passing that way every day at the time of the accident.

The accused pleaded guilty. The bike was also taken into custody from the house. ASI of Kannur Town Station. The investigation was conducted under the leadership of M. Ajayan.

Content Highlights: Pedestrian dies in bike accident, man who caused attack nabbed after three months

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