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I have never seen anyone with a bad eye… Assistant manager of a gurugram office suicides for made by her woman colleague

I have never seen anyone with a bad eye… Assistant manager of a gurugram office suicides for made by her woman colleague
I have never seen anyone with a bad eye… Assistant manager of a gurugram office suicides for made by her woman colleague
Gurugram: Will she be able to see the world now? Will she even be able to peek at the office chair where she used to sit? How will she be able to convince herself that she is no longer in the world? He leveled the allegation, but he could hardly have imagined that it would have such a horrific result. Perhaps he should realize his mistake and tell others as a repentance that before pointing fingers at someone’s character, not a thousand, not two or four times, he should think again and again. After all, the boy has respect too, right? He’s ashamed too, isn’t he? He’s also scared of stains, isn’t he? If the boy was not respected, he was not ashamed, he was not afraid of scars, then he would have been alive today. After all, he gave up his life with just one charge. So hurt, so sad, so embarrassed…

So hurt by the allegation that he gave his life
He was an assistant manager in a private company. Age just 41 years. He had to see a lot of the world. But his body was found hanging in the house on Tuesday morning. He committed suicide by hanging. Why? Because a female colleague in the office questioned her character. He was very hurt, very emotional. He was tortured under the guise of investigation. He had to get jealous in an office meeting. He wrote in the suicide note, ‘In my 13 years of service, no one ever questioned my character and today suddenly such an allegation!’ He was sad that he had never seen anyone with an evil eye, yet…

hanged himself in his room

He was married. His wife told the police the frightening scene when she got a call from someone from her husband’s office. She said go and see your husband. He got the message that he is committing suicide. The wife told the police, ‘I immediately went to his room. See, my husband is swinging from the fan. He was immediately taken off and taken to the hospital, but by then he had died. The doctor said, now he is not alive. The wife came to know that her husband had messaged several office mates that he could not stand it anymore, so was going to die.

Police registered case

The police have also understood after reading the suicide note that what is the matter. Therefore, he has registered a case against the woman who made the allegation and the company management. Police said that in the four-page suicide note, he clearly wrote that he was taking his life because of the allegations made by one of his female colleagues. According to the police suicide note, he wrote, ‘Whatever I am doing, it is because of the allegations against me in the office. Today I am feeling harassed… In the meeting I was bombarded with allegations.’

Cousin told the whole thing

His cousin said, ‘He returned home in the morning after taking the night shift, as was his routine. He went to his room. When someone from his office called my sister-in-law, he ran to his room and what he saw there, he was shocked. He committed suicide!’ He further said, ‘My brother has also left a suicide note. He sent the same suicide note on the phone of someone in the office management, but did not send it to any family member. The cousin of the deceased said that the brother was deeply hurt by the allegation against him. He recently joined this office. We didn’t know about all this. The police have registered an FIR, but no one has been arrested. Under the process, the things said in the first suicide note will be confirmed and if it turns out to be true, there will be arrests.

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