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Is Chandrababu Duryodhana in the eyes of BJP?

On the one hand, the comments of Sunil Deodhar, in-charge of BJP’s AP affairs, gained importance at a time when the stories of TDP-BJP forming an alliance again in the upcoming elections were doing the rounds in the national media. He compared Chandrababu with Duryodhana. It means that he is a villain. What is the character of Duryodhana in Maha Bharata?

The YCP, which is now in power in AP, is maintaining close ties with the national leadership of the BJP. Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah came to Hyderabad to participate in a public meeting. At that time Amit Shah’s meeting with Junior NTR became a hot topic politically.

It was at this time that the news about TDP-BJP alliance started. On this alliance topic Sunil Devadhar has done a new analysis on this alliance news. He commented that Krishna gave time to Duryodhana, but his hands were not joined. Deodhar recalled the fact that Prime Minister Modi met Farooq Abdullah along with Chandrababu in the meeting held on the occasion of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

This has caused another debate as to who he is referring to as Duryodhana. Following this, he made key comments to the Delhi media. He said TDP is playing mind game. Further, he commented that the issue of alliances will be decided by the BJP Parliamentary Board.

He made it clear that BJP will not have an alliance with any party in AP. Sunil Deodhar said that there is no need to meet with family inheritance parties. They said that they are currently in alliance with the Janasena party in AP. He said that he will stay away from the corrupt parties YCP and TDP. However, TDP leaders are making another argument regarding alliances with Sunil Deodhar.

It is being alleged that Sunil has been working against TDP and Chandrababu from the beginning.. He is acting under the direction of YCP. It is said that the BJP high command will take care of the matter of alliances… Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shale will take the decision.

He said that Sunil may not know what he talked about with Chandrababu. However, even though the Jana Sena is currently an ally of the BJP, the alliance between the two parties is tenuous. BJP leaders are denying the news of alliance with TDP but there is no response from TDP. Both YCP and TDP supported the NDA candidate during the presidential and vice presidential elections. TDP’s strategy is to see Jagan without support from the center by the next election.

At the same time YCP leadership is observing the developments. Good relations with the Center are felt to be more necessary before the elections. With this, it is expected to act according to the steps taken by TDP.

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