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Chinese Billionaires To Singapore : Rich people leaving China and going to Singapore .. Dragon country in worry


Chinese Billionaires Moving to Singapore : On one hand, Corona lockdowns.. On the other hand, Taiwan tensions.. China’s wealthy are preparing to relocate amid such situations. Not for vacation..fixed to change identity. Why are the Chinese rich people taking such a decision?

The actions of the Chinese government are making trains run in the hearts of the rich people of that country. That is why they are preparing to move out of the country one by one. Everyone has a different path.. but many are planning to settle in Singapore. It has now become a worldwide hot topic. Tired of seeing the meaningless actions of the Dragon government, the Kuberas are preparing flight tickets as if to survive in Singapore. While some are planning to settle for a while, many are planning to settle permanently in Singapore.

In fact, Singapore is the best tourist destination for many tourists. With low tax policies, huge investments have come from abroad. Wealthy people from China have also invested heavily. In fact, Singapore’s biggest business is with China! But the rich people of that country, who have been in China for many years and have invested in Singapore, are determined to completely relocate to Singapore. The decisions taken by the Chinese government saying zero covid.. The ongoing tensions with the developments in Taiwan.. Amid such developments, they are packing their bags thinking that it is better to leave the country.

Since the 2020 Corona came to light, the Xiping government has been implementing a series of lockdowns in China! Even though he has wealth of thousands of crores.. the visuals of a rich man crying like heartbreak for a small piece of bread were seen in the previous lockdown. Many wealthy people are ready to say goodbye to China as they are suffering losses due to successive lockdowns. About 10 thousand rich people are thinking of moving to other countries. Apart from Singapore, they are planning to go to Switzerland, Israel, Australia and UAE. They are working to take their money as they go.

The developments in Taiwan are now putting tension on China’s wealthy. Countries around the world have imposed economic sanctions on Russia for its war on Ukraine. But even if China takes a step forward to occupy Taiwan tomorrow, similar situations will be faced. And then what is their condition… what is the condition of their businesses… all the rich people of China are making arrangements. The population of Singapore is 53 lakhs, two-thirds of which are Chinese. Even if one goes.. there is no feeling of leaving one’s own country. That is why most people are leaning towards Singapore. With this, the Singapore government is also starting various efforts to attract Chinese rich people.

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