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Kerala High Court: Youngsters Feel WIFE Is Worry Invited For Ever

He is married. Three children. But he had an extra-marital affair with another woman and tortured his wife mentally. But it didn’t stop there. He made a master plan of ‘divorce’ to get rid of his wife forever and get closer to his lover. Moreover, he claimed that his wife attacked him because of ‘marital cruelty’. And what judgment has the court given in this case?

Marriage is not like buying something. A wife is not a thing to be used and discarded. That is not our tradition. We are making these comments considering the mentality of today’s youth, the customs and traditions that are being followed. The new generation almost thinks that marriage is an ominous thing. The tradition of cohabitation is increasing. This is troubling the conscience of the society.

WIFE means..
Nowadays.. everyone considers marriage as a ‘bitter’ experience. They feel that marriage has become a hindrance to personal freedom, responsibilities and duties. Once wife used to mean Wise Investment For Ever. Now it has become Worry Invited For Ever. The ‘use and throw’ consumer culture seems to have affected our marital relationships as well. The situation has changed to live-in-relationships only to say goodbye when separated.

The cries of families devastated by divorce have the power to stir the conscience of an entire society. The Kerala High Court bench commented that when the number of couples going to court for divorce, people leaving children after divorce, and divorcees are increasing… it definitely affects the peace of the social life negatively.

The case is..
A couple from Alappuzha, Kerala settled in Saudi Arabia. The marriage took place in 2009. In 2018, the husband went to the family court for divorce. He claimed that his wife assaulted him and demanded a divorce under cruelty. However, since 2017, the wife has heard claims that her husband is having an extra-marital affair with a woman and that she wants to divorce him because she questioned him. Due to the lack of evidence and evidence to prove the wife’s cruelty in this order, according to the Christian Marriage Act… Divorce Act 1869… the family court struck down the divorce petition filed by the husband. In this context, the husband approached the High Court.

But the twist in this whole affair is that his mother stood on the side of the daughter-in-law. She fought to live well with her son’s daughter-in-law and their children. On the other hand, the wife (38) also wants her husband to give up his extramarital relationship and be happy with her. Considering all these factors, the Kerala High Court bench made interesting comments as mentioned above. Emphasized that the couple had three children, the divorce petition was rejected. Moreover, the Division Bench Justice Muhammad Mustaqui and Justice Sophie Thomas gave the judgment on August 24 with key comments suggesting to the husband to reconcile with his wife.

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