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raja singh video, what will be BJP’s stance on Raja Singh..? – what will be bjp stance on mla rajasingh

raja singh video, what will be BJP’s stance on Raja Singh..? – what will be bjp stance on mla rajasingh
raja singh video, what will be BJP’s stance on Raja Singh..? – what will be bjp stance on mla rajasingh
Raja Singh: The city of Hyderabad, which had been peaceful for many years, suddenly became tense. Goshamahal MLA Rajasingh was responsible for that. A video made by him has become a cause of controversy. Whatever the reasons for Rajasingh making that video, the party has taken action against him. Including party positions.. BJP has removed the legislative party leader from his post. It has given a deadline of 10 days to give an explanation why it should not be suspended from the party. But.. in these 10 days the developments changed rapidly.

The deadline given by the party will expire on the second of September. In this context, there is excitement as to what kind of decision the party will take. However, Raja Singh did not give an explanation within the 10-day deadline given by the BJP Disciplinary Committee. As part of the video controversy, Ayan was arrested and immediately taken to jail. This left him with no opportunity to give an explanation to the party. In this background.. Rajasingh’s wife sent a mail to BJP’s disciplinary committee.

Rajasingh’s wife wrote to the disciplinary committee that the party was not given an explanation because he was in jail. He asked for some more time to explain. However, how the BJP leadership responded to this has now become exciting. It seems that the BJP leadership is thinking that if Raja Singh is permanently suspended from the party, there will be trouble. Because.. already along with many Hindu Sanghas.. BJP workers are also standing in support of him.

At a time when the situation is like this, it is being spread that the BJP (Telangana BJP) has come to the opinion that it is not appropriate to act more harshly in the case of Rajasingh. It is reported that some leaders have already mentioned to the BJP leaders that if the party is treated harshly… in Telangana… especially in Hyderabad city. Although it is true that Rajasingh has crossed the party line, it seems that he has not been asked to rejoin the party.

However, it is reported that the party leaders have commented that everything depends on Rajasingh’s explanation. Actually, although the party has nothing to do with the video made by Rajasingh, he was suspended because he was a BJP MLA. That is why they asked for an explanation. In most of the videos made by Rajasingh, without any mention of the party, the videos were made for Hindu Dharma. Raja Singh’s supporters want the party to consider all these issues and take a decision.

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