‘Modiji Rs. 1105’ PM’s photo on gas cylinder; What exactly is the case?

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Published on : 4 September 2022, 3:37 am




Inflation has reached a peak in the country. As the price of domestic gas cylinder has crossed the thousand mark, the budget of the common man has been disrupted. Similarly, inflation is being condemned by the opposition parties in different ways. While in Telangana, Modi’s smiling photo has been placed on the gas cylinder to target the central government. TRS put Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo on the gas cylinder with ‘Modiji Rs. 1150’ is written. This video is currently going viral on social media.

Finance Minister of the country Nirmala Sitharaman, while on a tour of Zaheerabad constituency, had said that there is a need for pictures of PM Modi on ration shops. TRS has responded to this incident in this manner. In this video circulating on social media, photos of Prime Minister Modi can be seen placed on the cylinder of an auto filled with gas cylinders.

While on a visit to Zaheerabad, Sitharaman had said that there was a need for Modi’s pictures on ration shops. He had expressed this wish saying that the central government was taking a major share of the subsidized rice supplied. Against this backdrop, TRS has targeted the central government by putting PM Narendra Modi’s photo on the cylinder.

TRS social media coordinator Krishank Manne posted this video on Twitter. On which ‘Sitharaman ji, you wanted photos of Modiji. Take this photo’ has been written. This tweet made by Krishanka has gone viral. Some ministers of Telangana government have also re-tweeted this tweet.

Web Title: Pm Narendra Modi Photo On Lpg Cylinders Trs Hits Back At Sitharaman Video Viral

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