Lesbian wedding in Chennai: Bangladeshi girl holds hands with Tamil girl

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The Times of India newspaper reported that a Tamil girl and a Bangladeshi girl got married in a traditional way in Chennai.

“Subiksha Subramani from Tamil Nadu and Tina Das from Bangladesh got married in Chennai. Subiksha was wearing a saree as per Tamilnadu style and Tina Das was wearing a pajama.

The marriage took place according to the family tradition of Subiksha, who is a native of Madurai. From Madurai, his family migrated to Qatar and from there to Calgary, Canada. Subiksha’s mother, Poorna Pushkala, runs a children’s school in Calgary.

Tina Das is a native of Moolvipasar, a small town in northeastern Bangladesh. His sister was married and living in Montreal, Canada. Tina Das stayed with him in 2003 with her parents. Tina Das was attracted to girls from a young age. Considering this as a disease, her parents got her married to a man at the age of 19. He ended the relationship after four years and is now married to Subiksha,” the news said.

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One day a week book bags are not necessary

The Madhya Pradesh government, which has set a weight limit for the book bags carried by school students, has also announced that one day a week will be observed as a ‘book bag free day’ in schools, Dinamani newspaper reported.

In the news, “The Government of Madhya Pradesh has released the School Education Policy as a part of the National Education Policy. In it, a major scheme has been devised to reduce the weight of students’ book bags. Accordingly, students of classes 1 and 2 will carry bags of 1.6 to 2.2 kg and students of classes 3, 4 and 5. Class students are also allowed to carry bags of 1.7 to 2.5 kg.

Similarly, 6th and 7th class students are allowed to carry bags weighing 2 to 3 kg and 8th class students are allowed to carry bags weighing 2.5 to 4 kg. Also, 9th and 10th class students are allowed 2.5 to 4.5 kg. Schools have been advised to take departmental decisions regarding the weight of book bags for class 11 and 12 students.

One day a week book bags are not necessary

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In a bid to increase students’ participation in extra-curricular activities, one day a week will be observed as a ‘book bag free day’, the state school education department said. Schools have been instructed to teach students about computer, general knowledge, sports, exercise, health information, arts, etc. on that day.

The state education department has ordered that all the new rules will come into force immediately in all the 1.30 lakh schools in the state and that the authorities should conduct a proper inspection to see if the rules are properly followed,” it said.

Frank video that of Action if people are threatened in the name

In Coimbatore, Hindu Tamil Vektri newspaper reported that if people are threatened in the name of making a frank video, action will be taken against those involved.

In a statement released by Coimbatore Police Commissioner Balakrishnan, “There has been an increase in recent times in public places like parks, walking grounds, school campuses where some individuals engage in mischievous acts with the public and take them as videos and post them on their YouTube channels under the name of Frank Videos.

Many people who make videos in the name of Frank Video make it professional and earn money by posting it on YouTube channel. Thus, the actions of frank videographers have a great impact and sudden excitement on those who seek a peaceful environment in parks, those who come to the grounds for walking practice, those who go to schools, colleges and shopping malls.

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In some of the videos, the actors engage in outrageous and outrageous acts in public. This results in physical shock and mental shock to those involved.

Their actions cause unpleasant reactions in the public. The videos taken in this way are published on YouTube channels without the consent and knowledge of the person concerned, thus affecting their personal freedom and normal life. This act of frank video makers is against the basic right of individual freedom.

Recently in Coimbatore too, the activities of frank videographers in places where people gather, including the racecourse, have caused discontent among the people.

Therefore, if anyone in the city of Coimbatore acts in such a way as to affect the individual freedom and normal life of the public in the way of making frank videos, and if a complaint is received about it, a criminal case will be registered against the persons taking frank videos and action will be taken under the Indian Penal Code, Information Technology Act, etc. A warning has been issued that their video channel will be disabled,” he said.

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Broadcast software is missing from your computer

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