Karthika Deepam Keerthi Bhat, Keerthi Bhat: Karthika Deepam Keerthi in Bigg Boss 6.

Karthika Deepam Keerthi Bhat, Keerthi Bhat: Karthika Deepam Keerthi in Bigg Boss 6.
Karthika Deepam Keerthi Bhat, Keerthi Bhat: Karthika Deepam Keerthi in Bigg Boss 6.
Bigg Boss Season 6 is going to start today (September 4). A total of 21 contestants are going to enter the Bigg Boss house as contestants. The list can be seen in the following link.

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Like every season, social media celebrities, TV actors, models, YouTubers and others from various fields have appeared in this season as well. But apart from the popular actors in the movies, those who have faded out and are not in much publicity have been brought into the Bigg Boss house.

But in this list Karthikadeep Hima Adenandi now in the story of Next Generation Hima has entered as a doctor after growing up.. That Hima’s original name Keerthi Bhat (Keerthi Bhat) will enter the Bigg Boss house. Keerthy, who was very popular with the serial ‘Manasichchi Chudu’ before Karthikadeep, is now going to enter the Bigg Boss house as a contestant.

Now Karthikadeepam serial flash back story is running. With the entry of Doctor Babu, Vanalakka, Hima and Sourya… the story of the next generation has come to a standstill. It is impossible to say whether this past will continue for many more years or not. So that’s why Keerthi Bhatt Dates Star is locked with us, so she is going to be sent as a contestant in the Bigg Boss house.

But there is no doubt that she will be a strong contestant in the Bigg Boss house after accidentally getting an offer from Bigg Boss. Because.. in the Bigg Boss house there is a lot of emphasis on emotion. Keerti Bhatt’s real life is a whirlwind of difficulties. Her life is like a falling and rising wave.

Even if Karthikadeepam didn’t get much fame with the serial, the audience remembers Manasicchi Chudhu Bhanu because of the fame. The Bangalore beauty is a famous actor in the Kannada industry who impressed with her amazing performance. Passionate about movies since childhood, she trained in acting school and also learned Bharatanatyam. She did three consecutive serials in Kannada and then also in movies.

At the time when the career was at its peak, an unexpected event took place in that life. Lost the whole family in an accident. Along with her parents, she lost her brother and sister. In that accident, Keerti Bhatt was seriously injured and remained in a coma for several years and survived. Keerthi Keshav Bhat adopted an orphan named Keerthi Bhat Tanu Bhat and gave the orphan a new life. Keerthy has seen a lot of hardships in her life.. and how will she fare in the Bigg Boss house.. it remains to be seen how far she will reach the Telugu audience through this Bigg Boss.

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