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Fear is the stepping stone to success – Andhrajyothy

Fear is the stepping stone to success – Andhrajyothy
Fear is the stepping stone to success – Andhrajyothy

ChiIf you look at Nikhil, you will understand how natural ups and downs are in Traseema. He hits. He also fell into flops. Shabash felt with those who thought ‘Veedu Hero Entra’. Where everyone concluded that ‘Vidi’s film is difficult to release’.. Release that film and become a hundred crore hero. ‘Kartikeya 2’ has raised the flag not only in Telugu but also in Bollywood. This is the chit chat done by ‘Navya’ with Nikhil on this occasion.

‘Kartikeya 2’ joins the hundred crore club… How are you enjoying this success?

Really still can’t believe it. We worked hard for two years for this film. Tension till the day of release. After that hit said. He said it was a super hit. Now they say a hundred crore film. The audience is speechless. Everything is like a dream. This is the film that we all had high hopes for. Very happy to get excellent response in theatres. I am forever indebted to the Telugu audience. Whenever my film comes out, they support the same.

How did you prepare to come on the sets after Corona?

Shootings were stopped for two and a half years due to Corona. I worked really hard to get fit like before. I took this movie as a sacrifice. The audience also appreciated it.

What is your strength in difficult times?

My mother, my wife is my strength. They have my back. But it is of little use. The film industry is a tough place. We need to be strong from within to withstand adversity.

The industry has been around for a long time. Hits were made. He stood up as a hero. Still scared do you feel

There is no fear if we want to settle with what we have. But I am not that type. My focus is always on moving forward, moving forward. But if we do not have the desire to increase our scope as an actor and the market as a hero, we cannot move forward here. When a film is made, its budget is so much, so much effort is put into it, so there are expectations that it should have such a result. The fear in me brought me good opportunities. There should always be fear, not now. It is like a stepping stone to success. If we have no fear, it means we are relaxed. If we are afraid, we will work harder. I really enjoy the process.

How would you define yourself?

I have a personality similar to Karthik in the movie Karthikeya. I always challenge myself. I want to make the impossible possible. When I was studying, they said, ‘You are a movie hero.’ That’s why I took it seriously. He said, ‘You cannot succeed in the film industry without an egg’. I proved in my 14 years that it is possible. Still doing good films. My desire is to climb more heights in this field.

Are you ready to make a variety of pictures?

I am against making stereotyped films. All the films I have done so far have been made with a different concept. We have made films by combining commercial elements with new type of stories. Distributors are buying my films with the belief that there will be something special in my film. I make sure that the stories are well-chosen and have all the elements that will entertain the audience.

What should be done to meet the changing tastes of the audience with the arrival of OTTs?

OTTs have increased the expectations of the audience on the film. We have the level to compete with international films. But not every film can be made at the same level. But if we don’t do that we cannot stand in the market. Balance and move forward. We have to provide all the necessary things for that. ‘Kartikeya 2’ is at par with any international film. That’s why this movie got popular all over the country.

Do we have enough resources to perform miracles?

Everyone is appreciating the graphic works of ‘Kartikeya 2’. In which Hollywood studio was this done? They are asking. Actually all this work was done in Hyderabad itself. We have enough talent here. It should be used properly and wisely.

How do you go about selecting stories?

I get a hundred scripts. Choose the good things out of it. I choose stories that are suitable for theatrical release. Everyone is talking about the climax of the movie ‘Kartikeya 2’. The reason for that is to watch it on the big screen. The sound and graphics had a great impact on the audience. My first preference is theater movies. But if I like the story I will do webseries in future. There is no rule to make only films that enhance the hero’s image. Movies are completed quickly. Due to the length of the webseries, it takes a lot of time.

CVln Prasad

MeWhile studying, he said, ‘You are a movie hero.’ That’s why I took it persistently. He said, ‘You can’t succeed in the film industry without an egg’. I proved in my 14 years that it is possible.

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