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Published on : 4 September 2022, 6:47 am




Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives: Divorce talk of famous celebrities in Bollywood is always a topic of curiosity for their fans. Now the news of divorce between Salman Khan’s brother Sohail Khan and his wife Seema Sajdeh has attracted the attention of netizens. Yesterday, Seema’s son had expressed his displeasure over the change of surname. My last name is Khan. He had said this boldly. In this, Seema has told the reason why she had to divorce Sohail after 24 years.

A web series called Fabulous Loves of Bollywood Wives talked about the routines of celebrity wives. The series commented on what they do, their kitty parties, controversies, fights and family relationships that revolve around them. Now the second part of this series produced by Karan Johar has come to the audience and different controversies have come out from it. Sohail and I have been living separately for the past five years. We have decided to divorce. The reason behind that has now been told by Seeman.

Seema is in the limelight for her new web series. The statement made in Bollywood Wives has created a big storm. Currently, Seema and Sohail Khan’s divorce is being discussed. The show starts from Seema’s house. In it she corrects the nameplate of her house. She changed her surname to Seema, Nirvana and Yohan. From that it has been seen that she and Sohail Khan have something in common. In an episode of the series, Seeman said that we were all confused. Then it can be said in many respects, there was a lack of communication.

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Sohail is a person who lives according to his heart. What the person with you wants, not thinking about her mentality. I felt that while living with him. We tried to solve many of our problems through dialogue. But he didn’t escape until the end. The argument escalated. It was affecting the children. It also happened on the relationship. Finally we have decided to separate from each other.

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Sohail and Seema got married in 1998 and their first child was born in 2000. His name is Nirvana. She then gave birth to Yohan through surrogacy. After 24 years of marriage, they have decided to separate from each other. That decision has shocked the fans.

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