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Implementation of labor laws is slow…: Complaint of CITU leaders to Parliament Standing Committee

Implementation of labor laws is slow…: Complaint of CITU leaders to Parliament Standing Committee
Implementation of labor laws is slow…: Complaint of CITU leaders to Parliament Standing Committee

Prajashakti- Collectorate (Visakhapatnam): CITU Visakha district leaders on Saturday complained to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour, Textiles and Skill Development that labor laws are not being implemented properly in public sector industries. This committee has come to Visakha to discuss with the labor unions and employers about the government GOs being implemented for the workers of the public sector industries such as port, HPCL, IOCL and steel plant in Visakha. The committee is chaired by MP Mehtab Bhartrihari and has 19 members including CPM MP Karim. CITU Visakha District President and General Secretaries KM.Srinivasa Rao, RKSV.Kumar, Treasurer S.Jyotheeswara Rao, Leaders B.Jagan, Kumara Mangalam, R.Lakshmanamurthy disclosed the details to the media who presented the petition on various issues together with this committee. The owners of the port, HPCL and IOCL except the steel plant to talk to the parliamentary committee criticized the meeting for allowing their followers to go ahead without giving information to the trade unions. He said that his community strongly condemns such anti-labour actions. He said that there are nine thousand contract workers working in Visakhapatnam port, and though they are doing skilled work, none of them are being paid skilled wages. He said that in HPCL they are paying only Rs.553 per day. He said that in the recent past there have been cases of accidents in government industries in Visakhapatnam where workers have died while on duty. He said that the accident report of 11 workers who died in the accident at Hindustan Shipyard has not been disclosed so far. He said that ESI and PF are not being implemented properly in the shipyard. He said that although the PF is being recovered, it is not being deposited to the Commissioner’s office. In most of the industries, the management contribution is also being recovered from the workers. He said that in railways and other government industries, they are paying only Rs. 500 to a worker who should be paid Rs. 784. He said that they are paying Rs.400 to a worker who is supposed to pay Rs.625. He said that they are giving Rs.350 to a worker who is supposed to pay Rs.581. Decreasing wages is against the law. Annual bonus, weekend leave, festival leave and earned leave are not implemented properly, he said. He said that it was brought to the attention of the committee that there is no implementation of legal rights in any government sector industry except steel plant. He said that if the workers are suspended from work after the completion of the contract, the legal benefits due to the workers are not being implemented. The CITU said that the standing committee should question the officials of the industries on these violations of the law and ensure that the rights and freedoms that the workers have fought for are implemented.

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