Congress Rally, Rahul Gandhi: Hate On The Rise Since BJP Came To Power, Says Rahul Gandhi At Congress Mega Rally

Referring to the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) inquiry in the alleged money laundering case related to ‘National Herald’, Rahul Gandhi said Prime Minister Modi should understand that he (Rahul) is not going to be afraid of the ED.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Ever since the BJP government came to power, hatred and anger is increasing in the country. The one who is afraid, hatred arises in his heart. Hate does not arise in the heart of the one who is not afraid. Fear of future, fear of inflation and fear of unemployment is increasing in the country. Because of this, hatred is increasing. People are divided by hatred and the country becomes weak. BJP and RSS leaders divide the country and deliberately create fear and hatred in the country.

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Gandhi said, ‘Who is getting the benefit of this fear and hatred. Is the poor man getting the benefit? Two industrialists of India are taking full advantage of the whole. Ask the rest of the industrialists, they will also tell that only two persons have benefited. Everything is going into the hands of these two persons.

Referring to the increase in the prices of petrol, diesel, cooking gas and food items, he said, ‘Modi ji says what did the Congress do in 70 years, then we want to tell that Congress has never increased inflation so much.’

The Congress leader said, ‘Narendra Modi ji is the Prime Minister, but without the support of two industrialists he cannot be the Prime Minister, without the support of the media, he cannot be the Prime Minister. Still working. The opposition has no way, it has to go among the people.

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He said, “ED and CBI are put against the leaders and workers of the opposition.” I want to tell Narendra Modi ji that I am not afraid of your ED. You inquire for 55 hours, do 100 hours, do 200 hours, do five years, I don’t care. If we do not stand up today, the country will not survive.

Rahul Gandhi claimed, ‘Narendra Modi ji’s ideology says that the country has to be divided and the benefit is to be given to a select few. Our ideology says that this country belongs to everyone and farmers, laborers and small shopkeepers should get the benefit.

According to him, the UPA government had lifted 27 crore people out of poverty in 10 years, but the Narendra Modi government pushed 23 crore people back into poverty.

The former Congress president alleged, ‘Modi ji is spreading hatred. India will not benefit from this. China and Pakistan will benefit from this. Hate will weaken India. Narendra Modi ji has done the work of weakening India.

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