SBI Announces That anyone can Open Savings Account via App in Online | SBI Account: Opening a new account with SBI Bank? Don’t go to the bank

SBI Bank has introduced a new facility for savings account openers. You can open a bank account from anywhere through the app without going to the bank. SBI has issued a notification in this regard through a video. It not only tells about the bank account opening but also about its features.

The announcement on Twitter said, “Now you can open a bank account with SBI without going to the bank. With the brand new KYC video service, you can open a savings account anywhere, anytime. Apply now on Yono. Open SBI Insta Plus Savings Account paperless”.

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What are the features of the account?

* Customers can transfer money using NEFT, IMPS and UPI through YONO app.
* Apart from this, you can also use SBI’s internet banking.
* Classic card will be issued to the customer.
* Banking facilities are available 24 hours a day through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Yono App.
* Quick missed call facility and SMS alert facility available from SBI.
* Account transfer facility available through internet banking channel.
* If the customer requests, he will also be provided with a passbook.
* For check book, debit/voucher transaction or any other signature based service the customer has to visit the nearest bank branch.

Who can open this account?

This account can be opened only by Indian citizens who are 18 years or above. Should not be a taxpayer in any country other than India. Customer must have PAN card and Aadhaar card. Customer’s email id and phone number should be registered in his name. For Digital Savings Account, customer has to complete Biometric e-KYC. He has to go to the bank for that. Only one digital savings account can be opened from one mobile number. SBI Digital Savings Account cannot be opened under Joint Account.

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