The Community at The Crossing: Papa’s video message

The Community at The Crossing: Papa’s video message
The Community at The Crossing: Papa’s video message

The Pope gave a video message during the launch of the Community at the Crossing initiative, in which young people from different Christian denominations in the United States live together for a year and gain formation in terms of community life, prayer, and service to the poor.

C. Rubini CTC, Vatican News

The Community at The Crossing: Papa’s video message

It was inaugurated at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. The Pope began his message by expressing his great joy and comfort in the coming together of young people of Episcopalians, Catholics and other Christian denominations to start a community of formation.

The Pope stated that young people who spend a year in community life, Christian formation, ways of discernment, prayer and service to the young and the poor will be witnesses of God’s love and tenderness.

Those who saw the first Christian community would say “see them loving one another”, seeing them living happily together, sharing their wealth in common, praying together, and seeing their closeness to the poor. The pope said he hopes and prays that this is what will happen at St. John the Divine. The Pope added that choosing the humble path of community life is better than a thousand words.

The name At The Crossing recalls the division that runs from one side to the other inside the cathedral, from the center of the church to where the choir is. Pope Francis recalled that it has a deeper meaning.

At The Crossing means a place of crossing and a meeting between young people of all Christian denominations. The Pope said that he hopes that the community will rekindle the desire for Christian unity and community in New York and the United States. The future of faith in our world is through Christian unity. Granted, we are not compatible in everything. Sometimes we have strong beliefs that seem incompatible or incompatible. But that is why we choose to love each other. Love is stronger than all differences of opinion and sectarianism. It will bring peace and make us feel that peace is not impossible, Pope Francis underlined.

This is why the Pope said that he wants to work together to create unity At the Crossing Remembering the cross of Jesus reminds us that Jesus Christ is stronger and deeper than our culture, our political interests, and even more than our creeds. Called to look to the Lord Jesus who gave his life for us.

The Pope thanked the youth for their courage and commitment. The Holy Father also thanked the St. John the Divine Episcopal Cathedral team and the Chemin Neuf community for starting this initiative. The Pope thanked Cardinal Dolan and Bishop Diesche for welcoming and encouraging this initiative. The Pope also expressed his heart to see the Catholic Diocese of New York and the Episcopal Diocese working together. He especially thanked the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, for the help and encouragement given by the Dicastery to promote Christian unity, calling him his brother and friend. “Go forward, go forward,” Pope Francis concluded.

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