When will Queen Elizabeth II have her last vision and when will she be cremated

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Queen Elizabeth II is no more. With his death, the longest reign in British history has come to an end.

In his last days, his family members were present with him in Balmoral Fort, Scotland. For the next few days, people, common citizens of the country will have the last glimpse of his body, after which he will be cremated with state honors.

Queen’s Last Visit

First, Queen Elizabeth II’s body will be brought to London from Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where her body will be kept at Westminster Hall for about four days before she is cremated. During this people will be able to see him and pay tribute to him.

This hall is the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster, called the heart of the British government.

The last time the mortal remains of a member of the royal family were placed in Westminster Hall for the last time was in 2002. At the time when the body of Queen Elizabeth’s mother ‘Queen Mother’ was kept there, more than 2 lakh people paid their respects to her.

Last glimpse of the Queen's body

The coffin of the Queen’s body will be placed on a raised platform inside the 11th-century Westminster Hall.

Soldiers serving the royal family will be stationed at every corner of the platform.

Before Westminster Hall, the Queen’s body will be kept at Buckingham Palace, the royal palace.

From there his body will be taken to Westminster Hall in a slow procession. In this procession there will be a parade of soldiers and members of the royal family will also participate.

The path to progress from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall

When this procession will pass through the streets of London, then people will also be able to see it from the front.

Apart from this, large screens can also be installed in the royal gardens of London to watch the procession.

The body of the Queen will be kept wrapped in the royal flag according to the customs of the royal family.

After his body is brought to Westminster Hall, a royal crown (Imperial State Crown), royal ornament (orb) and scepter will be placed on top of the shroud.

A small ritual will be performed while the body is kept in the hall. After that, the general public will be allowed to have final views of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Crown (Imperial State Crown), royal ornament (orb) and scepter will be placed on top of the Shroud of Queen Elizabeth II

When will the Queen’s funeral take place?

The Queen’s state funeral is expected within two weeks at Westminster Abbey, the historic church there.

However, the date of the funeral will be announced from Buckingham Palace.

Westminster Abbey is the same historic church where many of Britain’s kings and queens have been coronated.

In 1953, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II also took place here. Not only this, in 1947, the marriage of the Queen with Prince Philip was also held in this church.

Westminster Abbey

image source, Getty Images

Apart from the funeral of the Queen’s mother ‘Queen Mother’ in 2002, no Maharaja or Maharani has been cremated here since the 18th century.

Heads of state from around the world will arrive in London to visit the Royal Family and remember the life and contribution of Queen Elizabeth II.

During this, senior leaders of Britain and all former Prime Ministers will also be present there.

The day of the Queen’s funeral will begin when the Queen’s body will be carried from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey by placing it on the Royal Navy’s ‘State Gun Carriage’.

The road from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey

This ‘state gun carriage’ was last used in August 1979.

At that time it was used to carry the mortal remains of Lord Mountbatten, the uncle of Prince Philip and the last Viceroy of India.

At that time this vehicle was pulled by 142 soldiers of the Royal Navy.

All senior members of the royal family, including Britain’s new ruler King Charles III, are expected to attend the Queen’s funeral.

The Queen’s funeral is likely to be conducted by the Dean of Westminster, David Hoyle.

During this, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will pray. During this, Prime Minister Liz Truss can also be invited to make a statement.

Inside photo of Westminster Abbey

After the funeral ceremony is completed, the Queen’s body will be carried on foot in a procession from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner, London.

His body will then be carried in an open carriage to Windsor Castle, where his funeral procession will begin at St George’s Chapel.

windsor castle

Senior members of the royal family, including King Charles III, may be present in the courtyard of Windsor Castle before the Queen’s body is brought there.

The Queen will then be buried in St. George’s Chapel.

Weddings, christenings and funerals of the royal family have been held in this St George’s Chapel.

It was here that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle got married. The Queen’s husband Prince Philip was also buried here last year.

Inside St George's Chapel in Windsor

The Queen’s body will be buried in the Royal Vault at the King George VI Memorial Chapel, located within St. George’s Chapel.

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