Iran Women’s Hijab Protest: Massa Amini Cuts Her Hair to Protest Death

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Muslim women fighting by cutting their hair and burning their hijabs

The death of a 22-year-old woman arrested by Iran’s cultural police for not following dress codes, including wearing a hijab, has sparked fierce protests in the country.

Masa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman, was arrested by an Islamic fundamentalist police group. It is a police force that operates to enforce Islamic fundamentalist principles in Iran. It can be understood as fundamentalist enforcement police.

The police will take action if Islamic religious norms are violated. Just like that, Masa Amini was also arrested on Tuesday, September 13th.

Police officials said that she was arrested for her explanations and comments about the hijab.

In this situation, Massa died on Friday the 16th. He died of a sudden cardiac arrest, Tehran police said.

But Masa’s parents deny this. They report that their daughter was healthy and never had any such disorder. Speaking about this, Massa’s father told the pro-reform media Emthedad that “I personally reject the comments made by the police about my daughter’s condition”, according to Reuters news agency.

image source, MAHSA AMINI FAMILY


Massa Amini

Similarly, an eyewitness said that the police beat Masa while he was being arrested and loaded into the vehicle.

She was arrested for not wearing a hijab to fully cover her hair and was in a coma before dying in hospital on Friday, according to Reuters.

It is in this context that Iranian women are posting videos of themselves cutting their hair and burning their hijabs to protest the incident.

Iranian women posting videos

image source, WANA NEWS AGENCY

They have been sharing their protest in comments and videos on Twitter under the hashtag Massa Amini.

In particular, some accused it of “lockdown death” and tweeted, “Who would you call if the police killed you?”

Some have posted that they are fed up with ‘these sexist rulers’, citing the mandatory hijab as the reason.

Apart from that, some directly blame the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei for this divorce.

People from the Kurdistan Region of Iran who attended the funeral of Masa Amini, a Kurd, chanted anti-government slogans. The Iranian police opened fire in this protest as well.

Following this, Iranian journalist Masi Alighat posted on his Twitter page that “This is the real Iran” and “Do not accept compulsory hijab and this fundamentalist police force”.

Also, during the protest at the funeral, they raised slogans referring to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as ‘Death to Dictator’ meaning ‘Death to Dictator’, according to Reuters news agency. Even then a few took off their hijab.

Ali Khamenei

image source, Reuters

And parts of Khamenei’s old speeches talking about this fundamentalist enforcement police are being re-circulated on social media. In that video, he said, “Under the Islamic State, all women must follow the Islamic dress code. This police team’s job is to ensure that.”

Massa Amini’s death has turned the divorce into a protest, with arrests for religious issues including the hijab continuing over the past few weeks.

Earlier, Iranian Interior Minister Abdolrah Rahmani Fazli told state television that an investigation into the death was ongoing and that there were no reports that Massa Amini had been assaulted.

About 8 to 10 lakh Kurdish people live in Iran. They have been under attack for a long time. It has become an unprecedented struggle between fundamentalist rulers and the country’s largely youthful population.

In this regard, Iranian journalist Masi Alighat has published a video. It is spreading on social media.

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video reference,

Muslim women fighting by cutting their hair and burning their hijabs

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