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Iran: Female journalist refuses to wear hijab, Iranian President cancels interview

Iran: Female journalist refuses to wear hijab, Iranian President cancels interview
Iran: Female journalist refuses to wear hijab, Iranian President cancels interview

Author: AgencyPublish Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2022 08:03 AM (IST)Updated Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2022 08:03 AM (IST)

New York, ANI. Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi on Thursday canceled an interview with a US female journalist after she refused to wear a hijab, at a time of massive protests against hijab laws in Iran. A few days ago a woman was taken into police custody for protesting against the Hijab Act, where she died.

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Interview canceled after refusing to wear hijab

Let us tell you that the scheduled interview of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi was abruptly canceled after CNN journalist Christian Amanpour refused to wear the hijab. Amanpour tweeted that she was asked to wear the hijab, but the interview was canceled after she refused. He said that during the interview, the President was to be discussed about the protests happening in the country, including several incidents including the death of a woman in police custody. People are burning their hijabs during a protest after the woman’s death in police custody.

Journalist sitting waiting for the President

The CNN journalist tweeted, “During his visit to New York for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), President Raisey was on his way to the first interview in the US. All the preparations were done for the interview. She said that she waited for 40 minutes for the interview, but the President canceled the interview. He said that after about 40 minutes a person came from the President’s side and asked him to wear a hijab, which the journalist refused. After which the interview was cancelled.

Demonstrations continue in Iran against hijab law

The journalist tweeted, ‘Interview did not happen in the end. As protests continue and people are being killed in Iran, this was going to be an important moment to talk with President Raisi. Thousands of people in Iran are protesting against the hijab law. Protesters are setting vehicles on fire at various places and raising anti-government slogans. Recently, after the death of a woman protester in police custody, there has been a lot of outrage among the people.

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