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Pope’s introduction to Cardinal Banasco’s book

Pope’s introduction to Cardinal Banasco’s book
Pope’s introduction to Cardinal Banasco’s book

The Pope wrote the foreword to the book “Pastors within : Church, Society and Person” by Cardinal Angelo Banasco, former president of the Italian Bishops’ Conference and Emeritus Metropolitan of Genoa.

C. Rubini CTC, Vatican News

This book is published in Italian by Pauline Books & Media ” Pastori Dentro. Chiesa, Società e Persona” It has been released under the name

Expressing his joy at being asked to write the introduction, Pope Francis says the cardinal’s thoughts stem from his thoughts and considerations during his second term as president of the Italian bishops’ council.

Pope Francis appreciates the themes of education, family, poverty, and politics that the author focuses on as he probes into the essence of the proclamation of Jesus.

Faced with the anthropological transformations that are taking place not only in the context of Europe but also throughout the world, the Pope says in the preface that the way before us to recognize the “person” is education in faith that begins with the mystery of Christ.

The Pope added that these pages are not just hymns to history but a guide to how bishops are called to read the signs of the times.

The bishop – the shepherd – should strive to keep his gaze on his brothers and sisters in the Lord, with the knowledge that “his life is not his own, for it is given to God” and with a spirit of service, the Pope wrote.

Writing that the shepherd should proclaim the word of God in the church and in his personal life, and put it on flesh, the Pope clarified that the true happiness of the shepherd who “catches men” who smells of sheep and lives among them is in this proclamation and the journey that continues.

Appreciating the title of the book, the Pope reminds us that bishops are shepherds within and look out for the wounded and outcasts.

The Pope wrote that Cardinal Banasco has been able to show that the Church is a living, breathing thing and not just an overly rigid organization as some would like.

Concluding the introduction, the book commends the book and praises it for the help and guidance it provides to all shepherds of the Lord. In the introduction, the Pope points out that the reading of this book will be useful not only for bishops and their associates, but also for lay people and Christians who think they have “fallen away”.

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