Can’t win World Cup with one or two players: Sourav Ganguly – Ganguly Speaks

Can’t win World Cup with one or two players: Sourav Ganguly – Ganguly Speaks
Can’t win World Cup with one or two players: Sourav Ganguly – Ganguly Speaks

Kolkata ∙ BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has openly stated that he cannot win the Twenty20 World Cup with one or two players. Ganguly pointed out that the title can only be won if every player in the team gives their best and fights as a team. With this year’s Twenty20 World Cup scheduled to be held in Australia from October 16, Ganguly reminded that the World Cup cannot be won by just one or two players trying.

Exactly one month later, on October 23, India’s first World Cup match will be against Pakistan. India lost to Pakistan in the last World Cup for the first time in the history of World Cups. Therefore, this time India is under more pressure than usual in the face-to-face with Pakistan. Although they defeated Pakistan in the first match of the last Asia Cup as well, losing to Pakistan in the Super Four stage was the reason for India’s elimination.

In this situation, Ganguly said that India cannot win the World Cup if only one or two players think. Ganguly also revealed that the BCCI had held discussions with coach Rahul Dravid and captain Rohit Sharma about the performance of the players in recent tournaments played by India.

“It is true that Indian players did not perform well in last year’s Twenty20 World Cup and this year’s Asia Cup. In these two tournaments, the team’s performance was not up to expectations and was spoken to by the coach and the captain. It is hoped that this time the team will perform better,” said Ganguly.

“I am sure that Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma will pay special attention to the performance of the team. I will also be there to watch the match against Australia in Nagpur on Friday. I think India will win there’ – said Ganguly.

Ganguly also said that India can have hope in the Twenty20 World Cup starting next month only if they play together as a team.

The Indian team will reach Australia two to two and a half weeks before the World Cup. There the final training will be done and the teams will play against each other. A couple of warm-up matches are also being played’ – Ganguly explained.

“If the performance of the team is to improve in the World Cup, everyone should ensure a good performance. Along with Kohli, Rohit, Rahul, Pandya, Suryakumar and others, the bowling department should also ensure their own contribution. We cannot win the World Cup just because one or two players performed well. “Every player has to perform well,” Ganguly pointed out.

“Winning and losing is part of the game. It is true that India has lost a few matches recently. But Rohit Sharma’s success rate as a captain in international Twenty20 is almost 82 percent. As a captain, Rohit has lost very few matches’ – Ganguly pointed out.
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