Building drone!

Building drone!
Building drone!

September 24, 2022 / 12:53 AM IST

London, September 23: Scientists have opened a new chapter in the field of civil engineering. A drone-based 3D printer has been designed to build buildings. They build tall buildings by circling in the air, placing materials like cement, brick, and gravel in the right area and checking that they fit the dimensions. It was developed by scientists from Imperial College London and Empa from Switzerland.

Scientists used 3D printing and path planning framework technologies for this project. The project consists of two drones. A drone.. Building walls with building materials is called a build drone. Another drone..Bill drone will check if the building structures are correct. Its name is ScanDrone. With the help of these two drones, the scientists built a cylinder up to 2 meters high with 72 layers of insulation foam using a 3D printer. He said that this technology is useful for construction of buildings in unfavorable areas.


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