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Batukamma as an immortal witness

Batukamma as an immortal witness
Batukamma as an immortal witness

September 24, 2022 / 02:15 AM IST

Hope that our word, our song, our language, our language, will live on as Batukamma… the word of our government that we have spoken. Telugu children fill the ground of Telangana.

Telangana means village life. Telangana matrix is ​​Telangana region matrix. We are a society that worships ‘Bathukamma’, which is made up of thangedu, gunugu, gulmala, rudraksha, balthi, chamanti, boddumalle, katla, beera, kakara flowers, which have grown again and again on hilltops and gatlembati, and make a yellow gouramma and place it at the top. In our Telangana all human relations are natural relations. We have a tradition of worshiping that Mother Nature with blood. We need to protect our ponds, forests, streams, bends and wells for the survival of Bathukamma.

Immortal heroes.. Dhirulara who gave birth to Telangana.. Tangedu, lotuses, rakhi, rudraksha, mandaras, chrysanthemums, ball, gunu, beera, seetha braids, gourds, watercress. Bathukamma is a collection of various flowers that are given to the girls with their hands…brothers..brothers. Mother came to settle the debt. Come and play with my sisters.. Your inspiration is our strength… Your fame is our boon.. Reborn as a flower and reach the earth, come and visit us in the form of life-giving flowers.

The nobles who lived not for themselves but for others… and gave their lives for others, are scumbags on our soil. The address of sacrifices is in this soil.. This is the battlefield where unique sacrifices were made for social change. From Sammakka Saralakkala to the formation of Telangana state, there was no bloodless day. Here is a story of a hero. The soil, air, tree, and chema here will tell the story of heroes no matter what you ask. The land of Telangana will never forget the heroes who died for them. It constantly remembers the martyrs saying, “Where are the martyrs, are there any drops hanging on this soil, are there any sprouts sprouting on this soil, are there any survival of Telangana girl children?” There are martyrs in the work we do, the sweat we shed, the scythe we lift, the rice we eat… There are heroes in the games we play, in the songs we sing, in the flowers piled in bathukamma, in the bellies we play. Immortals are smiling at the revival of our cultural tradition which was destroyed during colonial rule. There is a great tradition in Telangana where sacrifices are intertwined in the daily life of the people, and no work is done without touching the immortals.. I salute my Telangana soil. Salute to the martyrs of Telangana.

Anuksanam is your sacrifice, your life that has evaporated, we have preached the duty of giving tears to our leader. Arugalam Rythu Kshem.. good morning at home.. bubbling ponds, standing crops.. the chariot is running forward on the path of progress.. the name of Bapu KCR is ringing true… the agonies of those days are gone and Ananda Bashpalu is today. We will forget your martyrdom till our last breath. Bathukammalu is famous that every flower is you. Immortal lamps and immense flames, I adore you brothers and sisters constantly..

If you are going to drink, you will get wet in the water or in the firefly. We once sang that. Mission Kakatiya’s fellow ponds are filled to the point that Bathukamma is shocked to see her life. The ponds and ponds where bathukamma was supposed to be immersed in the past have grown up near ponds and ponds and the water has become poisonous. Aparabhagiratha who brought Gangamma and Krishnamma to our Telangana today is ‘Bapu KCR’.

‘Bapu KCR’ is the wave of movement that followed the path of Babasaheb who preached, mobilize, fight and achieve. In the path of the same movement, Kalvakuntla’s poem breathed life into the movement with Bathukamma Sambura, instilling vitality in the women as a daughter in line with her father. Kavitamma, our great-grandmother, has transformed the culture of life into a cultural symbol. The honor of carrying the Bathukamma ceremony from Golconda Qilla to Burj Khalifa belongs to Ma Poolamma Kavitamma, the beloved child of Telangana mother. This is a great achievement of the Telangana girl child. Now in Telangana the sacrifices are green arches, while all the wakinds are wearing golden clothes, the attack of the corporate agents has started like locusts on the green crops, like a pack of wolves on the mute creatures. Parahushar Telangana Amma… Ma Bathukamma.

As a witness of the Panchabhutas, as a witness of nature, as a witness of the whole world, as a witness of every heart, as a witness of the martyrs of Atandri Bathukamma…
(Writer: Chairperson of State Official Language Commission)

– Minister Sridevi


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