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Maharashtra Kesari: Nanded’s Shivraj Rakshe won the ‘Silver Mace’ by defeating ‘Double Maharashtra Kesari’, Harshvardhan Sadgir.

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Published on : 21 November 2023, 2:38 am



Shivraj Rakshe: Shivraj Rakshe of Nanded won the ‘Maharashtra Kesari’ title by defeating Harshvardhan Sadgir of Nashik in the ongoing Maharashtra Kesari Tournament at Dharashiv and has his name engraved on the silver mace of honour. Sadgir had to settle for the runner-up position. During this match, Sadgir was injured with one and a half minutes left in the game. However, he did not give up the hope of fighting, which became a feature of this match.

In the evening, the semifinals of clay and mat wrestling were held. In this, a fight took place between Shivraj Rakshe and Prithviraj Mohol on the mat. In this, Shivraj won and entered the final match. In the clay group, Harshvardhan Sadgir vs Ganesh Jagtap was a match and Sadgir won. Harshvardhan and Shivraj fought on the mat. Both played aggressively from the start; But taking advantage of his habit of mat and his height, Shivraj earned points. (Latest Marathi News)

Still Harshvardhan was fighting with strength. With one and a half minutes left in the match, Harshvardhan’s hand was injured. Then Shivraj had four points and Harshvardhan zero points. After waiting for some time, he again entered the field. He was fighting against Shivraj despite the fact that time was short and injured, but Shivraj used tactics to bide his time and seal the victory. (Latest Marathi News)

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