World Cup 2023: Loss of 70 crores in Nashik’s Satta market due to India’s defeat 70 crore loss in Nashik betting market due to India defeat in world cup news


Published on : 21 November 2023, 3:45 am



World Cup 2023 : After winning nine series matches in the Cricket World Cup, India won in the semi-final as well. After defeating Australia earlier in the series match, it was predicted in the betting market that the final match will also be in the pocket of the Indian team. (70 crore loss in Nashik betting market due to India defeat in world cup news)

But because of the sloppy Indian batting and the teaming by Australia batsmen in the last phase, Nashik lost Sources estimated that there was a loss of 70 crores in the speculation market.

After the start of the final match of the World Cup Cricket, the captain of the Indian team Rohit Sharma started a storm. 80 runs were scored in the first ten overs. Later, the price of the Indian team rose to Rs 36 per hundred rupees in the speculative market. But after losing three consecutive wickets, the value of the Indian team started to increase.

The number of bettors on the Indian team dropped drastically as the run rate dropped drastically. After the Australian cricket team started batting, after the Indian bowlers caught three important batsmen in a row, the price of the Indian team reached to Rs 44 per hundred rupees.

In the meantime, the rate remained for some time hoping that the Indian bowlers would pull off an even bigger feat and win the World Cup for India. But the Indian team had to lose the match as the Australian batsmen played a storm. In the same period, it is said that there was a loss of nearly 70 crores in Nashik’s Satta market.

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