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Why lose in the World Cup final? Team India worth crores

Why lose in the World Cup final? Team India worth crores
Why lose in the World Cup final? Team India worth crores

The Indian team and fans are just beginning to forget the impact of the loss in the ODI Cricket World Cup final. Let me tell you something that will change this sadness. The Indian team, which is the runner-up in the World Cup final, has received a huge amount of money as a reward. The ICC will receive two million dollars as a reward. Rohit and his team, who won 10 matches in a row in the World Cup, were defeated by Australia by six wickets in the final.

For the first time, the ICC has also announced the reward for the team that wins the group stage matches of the World Cup. The International Cricket Council announced a prize of $40,000 for winning a match. In this way, the Indian cricket team that wins 10 matches will get an additional $3,60,000. With this, Team India received a total of 23,60,000 dollars by participating in the World Cup. This is approximately Rs 19.67 crore.

Lottery for Australia, get about 36 crore rupees

At the same time, Australia, who won the World Cup, will get four million dollars as a reward. They won an additional $280,000 for winning seven of their nine group stage matches. Australia’s total revenue for the 2023 World Cup is $42,80,000. That means the Kangaroo team earned Rs 35.67 crore from the World Cup in India.

Apart from India and Australia, semi-finalists New Zealand and South Africa were the top earners. Both received 800,000 each for reaching the semi-finals, but South Africa earned more due to winning more matches in the group stage. For winning seven matches in the group stage, like Australia, they received an additional US$280,000. On the other hand, the Kiwis took home $200,000 for their five wins.

The first ever Cricket World Cup where no one was left empty-handed

The prize money for each group stage win meant that no team left this World Cup empty-handed. Pakistan and Afghanistan, who finished fifth and sixth in the points table with four wins from nine matches, won $1,60,000 each. Former champions England won US$120,000 for winning three matches. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands won $80,000 each for two wins in the tournament.

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