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Sister is right!.. Everything is because of us.. Why spewing poison? | Dont Give Up On Family When They Fall: Virat Kohli Sister Post Who Are Real Fans

Sister is right!.. Everything is because of us.. Why spewing poison? | Dont Give Up On Family When They Fall: Virat Kohli Sister Post Who Are Real Fans
Sister is right!.. Everything is because of us.. Why spewing poison? | Dont Give Up On Family When They Fall: Virat Kohli Sister Post Who Are Real Fans

The result we expected is different.. but what happened is different.. but we all stay behind Team India.. when any member of the family is depressed.. we don’t leave them!

In fact, then we should support them more”- Bhavna Kohli Dhingra shared her feelings on social media after the defeat of the Indian team in the final of the ODI World Cup-2023, invoking her younger brother Virat Kohli.

Yes Bhavna’s words are literally true.. If everything is going smoothly.. than when you are in a high position and praise as a soul.. if you stand by when you are in trouble then any relationship has value.

Huge expectations
Now the onus is on the fans of the Indian cricket team to prove this point. The ODI World Cup on home soil is a new excitement for the whole country.. It is really like a festival for Indians who consider cricket not just a game but a ‘religion’. Huge expectations from the beginning.. Prophecies that this time the cup will be ours..

On October 5, the curtain rose to this mega cricket battle with England-New Zealand. The target of 200 is to be broken by Rohit Sena on Team India’s first match against Australia in Chennai on the next three days.

Beginning with a hard-fought victory
Everyone thought that a small target would be easily hit! But the openers Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan were ducked in the very beginning. Shreyas Iyer joined the pavilion when Kohli came in one down.

Then KL Rahul came along with Kohli and led the scoreboard forward. Runmachine scored 85 runs.. Rahul remained unbeaten with 97 runs. He smashed the target with a six in 41.2 overs and took the team to victory.

Top gear from Chennai to Mumbai
If Kohli and Rahul had not stood firm that day, the result would have been different. So after a very difficult first match… Team India changed gears. Vijaya started in Chennai and continued unchallenged till Mumbai.

After Australia in the league stage, they won consecutively against Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the Netherlands. In particular, they beat Sri Lanka by a margin of 302 runs and recorded the biggest win.

Passed all the semis..
After that, team India qualified for the final after finishing the match in the form of New Zealand in the first semi-final. Since then, expectations have increased.

Worship across the country
The fans are sure that Indian team captain Rohit Sharma will receive the trophy from the hands of Prime Minister Modi at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. It didn’t stop there.. To face a strong team like Australia, along with the game, the sentiments should also come together.. Pujas and prayers should be done..

There should be fasting.. No matter what we do, we should not forget that the cup is ours.. Like this, fans all over the country expressed their wishes not only on social media, but outside as well.

All this is a temptation to win souls.. But
Actually it’s all part of.. wishing the team success.. having a positive attitude! But no matter how much you don’t want to.. telling you to pay attention to external things.. all these definitely affect the players.

This is what many cricket legends have said before the start of this ICC tournament… this time the favorite team for the title is India… but as positive as it is for them to play on home soil… the pressure caused by expectations and hopes will also be at the same level..

In accordance with that.. in the midst of more than one lakh fans.. in the blue sky in the stadium.. the Indian team who batted first had that effect.

The stadium, which was roaring with the excitement of the crowd when Manollu hit a six, became quieter when a single wicket fell. This one change is enough for the players on the field to understand the mood of the fans!

Anyway, Rohit threw away his wicket in a hurry to score runs in the power play.. Another opener, young batter Gill, who is playing his first World Cup, has already joined the pavilion.

If Rohit wants to build an innings with Kohli, that hope is also gone. Shreyas Iyer, who scored consecutive centuries before that, was dismissed for four runs.

Like the first match.. Once again against the same opponent, fans believe that Kohli and KL Rahul will definitely hit it hard.. But the balls of the Aussie pacers are sharper than our expectations..

No matter how careful he was playing, Kohli was sent back at a crucial time by Australian skipper Pat Cummins in an unexpected manner.. Rahul, who was playing responsibly, was dismissed by Mitchell Starc. That’s it.. our batting order has collapsed. The story ended for 240 runs.

Once again silence in the stadium.. But, our pace trio Bumrah, Shami and Siraj are equally confident! We will win anyway.. the cup is ours.. but the scene is reversed. Travis Head could not stand the joy of the fans who jumped when Kohli and Warner were caught by Shami bowling.

Rooted in the crease with Labushane and scored 137 runs, he took the match away from Team India. Labuschenne remained unbeaten until the end of the half-century. Maxwell, who is a double-century hero in this tournament, completed the victory ceremony.

That’s it.. suddenly the silence of the cemetery.. Repentance in some that it is all because of us! Yes.. while batting.. while fielding, it felt real when we saw our people’s flurry.

On the other hand..Australian team..more than one lakh people..directly supporting the opponent..where the wind is blowing against the light of flood the bowling of the opponent who is not getting any support from the pitch..very is like playing a bilateral series match. She went ahead and became the champion for the sixth time.

They executed their strategies and plans perfectly without being under any pressure.. They proved once again that they are not people who get confused.. If you think that the story ends there, it is a mistake!

Why is hate poison?
Some ‘bigots’..people who don’t have the courage to express their identity..blaming ‘Team India fans’ for their comments..spew venom of hatred on Aussie cricketers and their families. While picking Manolla’s mistakes, he also insulted the opposing team in an indecent manner.

Just like Kohli’s family was targeted for supporting Shami, this time Australian players have been targeted in the name of trolling to tarnish the true fans.

What about true fans?
Yes.. Who are the real fans?? If Kohli, the hero of the highest runs, fills his eyes with tears.

If Siraj is crying like a child.. if Rahul is sobbing with his head down, alas, these are all part of the game.

Maybe it can be said that those who have the mentality to calmly accept the victory of the opposing team saying that winning is natural!! You say that!? If this is a definition of fandom, then I am included!!
– Bricks
Team India fan.. SV!!

The article is in Telugu

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