Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9 LIVE : Who Will Win?

Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9 LIVE : Who Will Win?
Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9 LIVE : Who Will Win?

Vijay TV’s mega music show Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9 has reached its finale. Music lovers and audience alike are eagerly waiting for this grand finale. The show, which will air on 10th December 2023, will be an unforgettable display of young talent.

Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9 Winners

Title winner: To be announced

Runner Up: To be announced

Third place: To be announced

The most awaited moment of the night was the announcement of the winner of Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9. To heighten the tension, the audience will be glued to their screens to witness the crowning event of the next song to identify the next song sensation. Wait for the official announcement.

Although there could only be one winner, the competition was fierce and the runners-up were commended for their outstanding performances. The Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9 runner-up will be announced at the grand finale, which will add to the suspense and excitement.

Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9 Grand Finale Air Date and Time :

Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9 Grand Finale 2023 is going to happen on 10th December 2023. Fans of the show have marked their calendars and excitement is at an all-time high. It was the culmination of weeks of intense competition where the young singers showcased their vocal prowess and stage presence.

My voice is my story

The first round is my voice my story. The judges appreciated all the children who sang beautifully. Ananya got the first position, Richai Saijan got the second position and Kalarvedi Gokul got the third position.

The next round is the folk music round.

Folk music circuit

The children who participated in this round sang folk songs very beautifully and won appreciation. Former Super Singer contestants Senthil Ganesh (Super Singer) Rajalakshmi Senthil VM Mahalingam were present as guests in this round.

At the end of this round, Meghna Sumesh bagged the first position and Harshini Nedra bagged the second position

Next is duet round.

Actress Meena was the special guest in the duet round. In the duet round, the children sang beautiful duets. Most of the songs were by SP Balasubramaniam.

Next was called the 90s vs 2K round, where all the kids clashed in two divisions. Actor Abbas was the special guest this week.

In the following weeks, the children improved themselves and progressed towards more difficult goals.

The subsequent weeks were very tough, with Bhakti round, SBB round, Mandale Unidu round, Radio Hits, Aadalum Patalum round. All competed well.

In the end Shreenita got the first ticket to the finale. Next Harshini Nethra got this ticket. He sang very well in the Ilayaraja round. Next, Richa Saijan and Akshara Lakshmi qualified for the finals from the AR Rahman round.

Both Ananya and Meghna Sumesh entered the finals through wild card entry.

Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9 Finalists :

Six uniquely talented finalists have secured their spots in the Super Singer Junior 2023 Season 9 finale. These young geniuses captured the hearts of both the judges and the audience with their amazing voice. Finalists:

  • Akshara Lakshmi
  • Ananya
  • Harshini Netra
  • Meghna Sumesh
  • Srinidhi
  • Richa Sijan

These talented singers have faced many challenges

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