Asa Cup 2022: Gautam Gambhir criticizes Rohit Sharma, and social media angry at former opener

It was already certain that Rishabh will return in the game against Hong Kong. But it was expected that veteran wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik will be out instead. But India played Rishabh instead of Hardik by falsifying all calculations. Gambhir appeared against the Indian team selection on Star Sports’ show.

If India play Rishabh Pant, it should be in place of Dinesh Karthik. Gambhir also commented on Gambhir Star Sports’ show that if the decision is made to rest Hardik Pandya, Deepak Hooda should play as a replacement.

I don’t agree with India fielding Rishabh instead of Hardik. Gambhir also said that he would definitely consider someone like Deepak Hooda who can also bowl a few overs.

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Gautam Gambhir has made it clear that he has no objection to Rishabh Pant’s inclusion in India’s playing eleven. Rishabh has done nothing wrong. But when the replacements come, they should be fit for the role. My opinion is that Rishabh Pant should play. But it should be a replacement for Dinesh Karthik. Gambhir added that if you rest Hardik Pandya, Deepak Hooda will take over.

But this criticism of Gautam Gambhir has not amused the fans of India. Many have mocked and criticized Gambhir through social media. Some have supported his opinion.

Isn’t Gautam Gambhir a Member of Parliament? Aren’t we also paying him a salary for his parliamentary duties? A user also asked why Gambhir is commenting. Another user’s response was that no matter what kind of person Gautam Gambhir is, he will tell the truth.

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Why does Gautam Gambhir hate Dinesh Karthik? A user also tweeted that Gambhir is upset since Karthik played in the game against Pakistan on Sunday.

A user commented that what Gautam Gambhir has said is very true.

Gautham Gambhir is the trouble maker after everything. A user tweeted that he is criticizing everything because he is eyeing the next coach position.

A user responded that many people do not understand why Dinesh Karthik is in the team.

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