Abu Dhabi to teach asanas | Abu Dhabi Sports Council project to develop sports coaches

Abu Dhabi to teach asanas | Abu Dhabi Sports Council project to develop sports coaches
Abu Dhabi to teach asanas | Abu Dhabi Sports Council project to develop sports coaches

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council, which has been planning various projects to wake up the sports sector and raise people to new possibilities, is coming up with another program. The Abu Dhabi Sports Council has launched a scheme to develop coaches for 12 different sports. Coaches are trained in football, volleyball, basketball, handball, water sports, cycling, athletics, fencing, weight lifting, racket games, archery and judo. The training is in four stages. The first phase includes child safety, first aid and anti-doping. The second stage is the specialized class approved by the authorities concerned. A refresher course and continuing education is the third step and practical experience in European clubs is the final step in the coach course.

The program is aimed at increasing the number of skilled technicians and technicians in the emirate. Such a program is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi Maternity and Childhood Authority, National Anti-Doping Committee and National Ambulance. Abu Dhabi Sports Council aims to provide licenses and certificates to around 400 male and female coaches. Talal Al Hashimi, Executive Director of the Sports Development Sector at Abu Dhabi Sports Council said that they are happy to be able to start the training program. He said that the aim behind the project is to produce certified and licensed technicians.

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council is also implementing a heritage sports program for the children and youth of the emirate. In collaboration with Abu Dhabi Falconers, Marine Sports and Equestrian Clubs, training is provided in the cultural and heritage sports of the UAE. In association with the Emirates Foundation for Education, training is provided for young children in land trips, marine sports, horse racing etc. Various stages of training are being provided at Al Sheras School, Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club, Mail Abu Dhabi Marine Project, The Riders Project at Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club.

Earlier, authorities in Abu Dhabi developed a new system to resolve disputes in local sports. The core decision is to provide special facilities for registration and hearing of cases related to sports sector. The objectives are to effectively deal with and resolve issues that arise between sports and develop a non-controversy sports culture. The system was implemented through an agreement with the Abu Dhabi CAS Alternative Hearing Center and the Emirates Sports Arbitration Center. International standard legal services available. For this, there is a special facility for registering and hearing cases related to the sports sector.

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